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The goal of every entrepreneur is to grow their business. But it is not always possible for not having the money to make this investment, so they often end up seeking loans or financing.

According to data, only 30% entrepreneurs succeed in applying for a loan from traditional financial institutions. Therefore, seeking to serve the other 70% of the market, companies have emerged that facilitate access to loans, allowing easier and faster access to corporate credit lines entirely online.

To get you the amount you need to invest in your business, let’s present all the advantages of getting an online loan. Check out!

Check us for same day payday loans online

Before understanding the advantages it is important to understand how the procedure for applying for the same day payday loan online works, you may view it now. It’s very simple, see how it works:

First, the customer tells you the amount they need and then the reason why the money will be used. After that, it registers personal information such as name, email, cpf, mobile, as well as company information such as cnpj and monthly invoicing.

Based on the information provided, a valuation of the company is made to determine the amount offered, the rate and the payment deadline. For this, some public databases are consulted, providing information on financial health and business history.

After the analysis, a personalized offer is sent to the registered email at the time of the request. This offer includes the amount, the interest rate and the number of installments offered, and may adjust the amount and number of installments according to customer preference.

The process does not end there, but it is shortly

If the customer accepts the proposal, he still needs to send some documents to further analyze some details of the company. At this stage the customer must submit company documents, such as the last amendment to the articles of association, proof of company address, full bank statements of the company accounts for the last 90 days , as well as some documents from the company owners, such as Identity, cpf members, proof of income and proof of residence .

Upon rapid review of the documents, the customer will receive a response telling them if they approved no. If everything is ok and approved it will receive an email to sign the contract online.

After the contract is signed, within 2 days the money is deposited in the indicated account pj and then just do what really matters: invest in your business!

But what are the advantages of an online business loan?

You can see that the process is very simple, but to know the advantages of online business loan, it is nice that you know some facilities and benefits of this type of credit before traditional financial institutions.

It’s all done online: you don’t have to waste your time or money moving to an agency to apply for your loan;

More Affordable Fees: Because the process is fully online, this type of business has lower operating costs, enabling you to offer more competitive rates;

More agile analysis: Online credit companies seek to eliminate much of the paperwork and automate some processes, allowing everything to be done faster.

Less Red Tape: Online lending companies use information available on the internet to evaluate their clients, so they often ask for fewer documents and proofs. You do not need to send your company’s Balance Sheet or Income Statement.

Increased transparency: When simulating an online credit, all information regarding loan amounts is indicated – the actual interest rates, the Total Effective Cost (CET) and the value of each installment;

Loan for Your Business: Getting the Right Value | Business Loan

When performing loan simulations, the entrepreneur may be faced with the following question: What is the exact amount your business needs at that time? Today, the challenge is not to get the loan itself, but to get it to an optimal value – that is, that meets the current need of the business and allows for installments that fit the revenues.

Here’s how to set the optimal loan amount for your business, understand which financial metrics to look at before applying for credit, and what to look for when calculating the cost of the loan.

How do I know if my business can afford a loan?


First and foremost, you need to assess the financial viability of your business to find out if you can afford the monthly installments of the loan. This step is useful even when negotiating lower costs – if your business has good numbers, the loan provider understands that the risk of default is lower.

Gross billing

It is simply the sum of the company’s revenues over a given period, whether quarter, semester or year. This metric is useful to let you know how your sales are doing according to your previous prospect. Below-expected sales may come from low sales or a price mismatch. Turnover within the established target shows that there is a predictability of revenues.


Profitability, as its name suggests, indicates a company’s ability to generate profit. Measured as a percentage, this rate can be obtained by dividing net income (excluding fixed and variable costs) and gross monthly revenues. For example, if your turnover last month was $ 20 and your net income was $ 2,000, your profitability is 10%.

This percentage is what is left over every month for your company to make investments or save. That is why profitability is an important indicator when getting a loan for your company. It shows that there is a margin for investment, which suggests less risk.

Fixed Costs


The cost structure of a business reveals the sustainability of a business. Fixed costs refer to those that are predictable and do not vary if the entrepreneur increases production. An example is the rental of the commercial point: although it can be adjusted, its value does not vary most of the time.

If fixed costs are high, the company has less financial margin to bear interest and credit rates. Otherwise, the business demonstrates scalability and presents less risk to the credit institution.

Operating margin

Dividing the annual operating profit by the net revenue of the same period and placing the percentage as a percentage yields the operating margin of a business. This indicator measures a company’s efficiency — that is, the share of operating activities in net revenue. For every R $ 1 from sales in the business, a certain portion refers to operating margin.

Degree of current indebtedness


Finally, the degree of indebtedness shows whether your venture has the margin to borrow more credit. Understand that indebtedness, when it comes to a company, is not necessarily bad: it is necessary to observe the destination of the resources obtained from the generation of debt. If money is used to remedy current expenses, there is a problem; These accounts should be covered with the business’s own revenues.

When expenses exceed revenues, the only way to cover the difference is by hiring more credit, which will generate more expenses. On the other hand, if debt is used to generate more profit or to finance a strategic move, the investment income is expected to cover the debt.

Loan without payroll: maximum amount required

For all those who need a loan to buy a car or to realize a dream or to face an unexpected expense, it is possible to request a loan without a pay slip.

But, how does the loan without a pay slip work? What is the maximum amount obtainable? Let’s find out in this dedicated guide.

Loan without payroll: how much to request?

payday loan

The loan without a pay slip is a personal loan dedicated to those who do not receive a pay slip, or a fixed monthly salary.

Therefore, all Free Professionals, Entrepreneurs and self-employed workers, but also housewives, students and the unemployed can apply for it.

How much to request?

payday loan

Generally, the disbursed capital does not exceed 5,000 euros .

The real motivation for which credit institutions provide such modest amounts is attributable to the fact that they are not willing to expose themselves too much to those with a rather high risk profile .

Being personal loans, loans without payroll require, in any case, the presence of a guarantee .

Loan without payroll: guarantees

payday loan

Despite the capitals disbursed by credit institutes to those who do not receive a fixed salary are of limited content, an alternative guarantee to pay must be presented.

The loan with a third party guarantor or a guarantor is a form of alternative guarantee to the pay slip: a third party (the guarantor) formally undertakes to return the obligation assumed where the debtor does not honor the loan installments without pay.

Another guarantee is to request the subscription of a loan with the issue of bills of exchange that serve as a credit instrument and a payment instrument. In the event that the debtor does not honor the loan, the creditor entity may proceed with the attachment of the assets of the financed party.

The loan with a pledge is another type of guarantee that can be presented by a person without a pay slip. Consider, for example, the granting of a loan with a pledge as a guarantee on valuable assets (jewelery, furs, precious stones, etc.).