For all those who need a loan to buy a car or to realize a dream or to face an unexpected expense, it is possible to request a loan without a pay slip.

But, how does the loan without a pay slip work? What is the maximum amount obtainable? Let’s find out in this dedicated guide.

Loan without payroll: how much to request?

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The loan without a pay slip is a personal loan dedicated to those who do not receive a pay slip, or a fixed monthly salary.

Therefore, all Free Professionals, Entrepreneurs and self-employed workers, but also housewives, students and the unemployed can apply for it.

How much to request?

payday loan

Generally, the disbursed capital does not exceed 5,000 euros .

The real motivation for which credit institutions provide such modest amounts is attributable to the fact that they are not willing to expose themselves too much to those with a rather high risk profile .

Being personal loans, loans without payroll require, in any case, the presence of a guarantee .

Loan without payroll: guarantees

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Despite the capitals disbursed by credit institutes to those who do not receive a fixed salary are of limited content, an alternative guarantee to pay must be presented.

The loan with a third party guarantor or a guarantor is a form of alternative guarantee to the pay slip: a third party (the guarantor) formally undertakes to return the obligation assumed where the debtor does not honor the loan installments without pay.

Another guarantee is to request the subscription of a loan with the issue of bills of exchange that serve as a credit instrument and a payment instrument. In the event that the debtor does not honor the loan, the creditor entity may proceed with the attachment of the assets of the financed party.

The loan with a pledge is another type of guarantee that can be presented by a person without a pay slip. Consider, for example, the granting of a loan with a pledge as a guarantee on valuable assets (jewelery, furs, precious stones, etc.).