7 must-have LMS features to boost e-learning | by Gautam Raturi | August 2022

LMS tool, also known as Learning Management System, is the most popular e-learning solution for startups and companies looking to generate huge revenue in the IT industry. online learning.

Moreover, according to Statista, by 2026, the global e-learning market will reach nearly US$400 billion, in which the market share of LMS is 36 billion US dollars.

Moreover, according to Statista, by 2026, the global e-learning market will reach nearly US$400 billion, in which the market share of LMS is 36 billion US dollars.

LMS solutions provide various benefits for e-learning programs, such as increased efficiency, better learner engagement, greater scalability, and improved cost effectiveness.

Although there are several LMS solutions in the market, you must get one that has all the essential features to boost e-learning.

Now the question arises what essential features you should look for when you are going to buy LMS software.

So in this blog today, I’m going to explain to you the essential features that an LMS software must have for you to buy the perfect tool to boost e-learning.

Here we are!

First on the list of our must-have LMS software features are course management tools. As we know, the fundamental purpose of LMS software is to help you create simple and easy to understand e-learning courses.

2. Course management tools

When you are easily able to create courses and assign them to learners, it will also have a significant impact on instructors and learners. They will also be able to collaborate with others while discussing any topic.

This is why LMS software should not make things difficult and awkward for course managers or users. If it does not provide easy-to-create course tools, it can hinder learners’ continuous learning progress.

So I strongly recommend you to opt for LMS software which allows e-learning administrators to easily develop, edit and assign courses to learners and instructors.

2. Evaluation features

Assessment plays an important role in evaluating instructors and learners. In physical classrooms, teachers can assess performance by giving students multiple tasks and checking on the spot. On the other hand, you interact with learners on virtual platforms in different ways.

So, if you get an LMS software with trial features, that would be the icing on the cake for you. What is the feature for?

The feature will automatically rate instructors and learners and consequently provide them with essential feedback. The feature will provide regular puzzles and assessments to check learners’ growth.

This way, they will have high chances of improvement in their core areas. They will also get an idea of ​​how to improve their current scenario. You can also hire dedicated developers to develop custom LMS software.

3. Security functions

While a virtual world offers us several advantages, it also presents potential threats such as data breaches or security issues. Every industry these days faces data breach issues. Whether it’s healthcare, retail, or the financial industry, they all face security challenges.

The education sector is no exception either. You can lose vital information related to your course materials, crucial student data, etc. There are several security risks like malware attacks and ransomware. All of this makes your LMS software vulnerable.

It is therefore essential to consider the security features of the LMS software that you would buy in the market for your e-learning program. So you don’t have to worry about security vulnerabilities.

4. Intuitive user interface

The other important feature of LMS software is its intuitive interface. An LMS software should have an intuitive user interface that ensures users will find it easy to navigate to any section of the tool.

Where instructors and learners find the user interface easy to navigate. They would probably like to spend more time on software while going through multiple course materials, assignments, and other progressive tasks.

If the interface is not interactive and attractive, users may not like the tool and stop using it.

Moreover, an intuitive interface increases the chances of a better interaction between the user and the tool, which makes the use of the tool comfortable and fast.

That’s why whenever you’re considering buying LMS software to enhance your online learning platform, be sure to look at this important feature. Apart from that, you can easily get in touch with the best app development company to develop LMS software for your e-learning program.

5. Cross-platform accessibility for mobile learning

Since most of the world’s population uses mobile phones with different operating systems like Android and iOS, you cannot ignore this important feature when you go to buy LMS software.

This means that if one user is using an Apple phone and the other is using an Android phone, it should work on both platforms. It should allow instructors and learners to access the software from any region of the world.

Undoubtedly, cell phones have created unlimited opportunities for you to increase the user base of your e-learning program. Therefore, your LMS must have a cross-platform accessibility feature that would allow users to use the software from anywhere in the world.

6. Virtual rooms for team collaboration

As we have classrooms in the physical space, we must also have the same in the virtual space which ensures good learning. When choosing LMS software, also consider virtual room functionality for collaborating with learners and teachers.

A virtual classroom has many benefits, such as increased collaboration and interactivity, personalized learning experience, smooth scheduling of tasks and events, and more.

LMS software with these features ensures proper learning and collaboration between instructors and learners. This way, it helps you to energize your e-learning program and attract more students from all over the world.

Below are the essential features that a virtual classroom can have.

  • A virtual room can have digital whiteboards where educators can post their announcements and any updates.
  • It may have an instant messaging feature
  • Video conference
  • A virtual room can have a photo gallery that the instructor or learner can share and download.
  • A calendar where the instructor can keep track of important schedules such as meetings and deadlines.

7. Reward system

When we perform well and are rewarded by our teachers, we feel motivated and appreciated. We look forward to doing even better in future sessions. This is how rewarding a candidate instills enthusiasm and positivity to grow and perform better.

It also creates a competitive environment. As we know that the competitive environment has always produced great talents, it is better to stimulate the learners by handing out rewards and prizes wherever needed.

So, when choosing LMS software, keep in mind the reward functionality included in the software.

So here are some essential features you need to consider while buying an effective LMS software for your e-learning platform. The LMS software indeed provides an all-in-one solution for creating, designing and modifying courses.

It easily tracks learner progress and gives essential information to work on. You can also contact a first class educational app development company to help you get custom LMS software for your e-learning program.

Norma A. Roth