A day after the launch of the Ford F-150 Lightning, the company cuts 580 jobs in the United States

Ford Motor Co. cut its U.S. workforce by 580 workers on Wednesday, the Free Press confirmed.

All come from the “engineering function,” the company said, without providing specific job details.

“We continue to align staff with the critical skills needed to deliver our products, services and the Ford+ plan,” Ford spokeswoman Monique Brentley told the Free Press. “We are making adjustments to some US engineering teams, which include reassignments as well as a reduction of approximately 350 salaried positions and 230 agency positions.”

The company did not specify how many jobs are based in Metro Detroit.

Ford notified the employers of the agency’s 230 employees. Ford crew chiefs on Wednesday individually notified their 350 employees to complete their shifts by the end of the week, Ford confirmed.

Ford CEO Jim Farley said the company needed “totally different talent”.

Benefit packages

The Dearborn automaker is offering a benefits package to 350 eligible employees, including severance pay of up to nine months based on service, continuation of benefits for up to nine months based on service and career transition services, the company told Free Presse.

“Furthermore, we are holistically looking at the components that would best meet the needs of transitioning employees, whether that be another full-time job, entrepreneurial pursuits, or exploring career options. retirement,” Brentley said.

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“Employees receive a comprehensive career transition and re-employment assistance package through Right Management. This package offers personalized career and/or retirement coaching as well as CV and profile development, access to eLearning course library, resume/profile development, and access to exclusive career fairs and networking events,” Ford said.

The term used for this situation is called a reduction because they are permanent. People often use the term “layoff”, which indicates a temporary situation.

Farley announced in March the plan to restructure the company into Ford Blue and Ford Model e teams, in addition to the Ford Pro business side.

“Talent Gap”

The job cuts come from both the Ford Blue and Ford Model e teams, Brentley said.

Ford employees contacted by the Free Press declined to comment.

Farley told industry analysts Wednesday night during the first-quarter earnings call that the company plans to close a “talent gap” and that Ford is working aggressively to hire new talent.

Doug Field, head of electric vehicles and digital systems for Ford Model e, told analysts on Wednesday: “In terms of attracting talent, I was really pleased and surprised by the type of talent we can attract. of technology.”

Ford executives made no mention of the job cuts that occurred earlier on Wednesday.

Farley said on the analyst call, “At this point, our real work that we need to do is to address these inefficiencies and improve the productivity of our core business.”

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Ford employs about 87,000 people in the United States, including about 31,000 salaried workers, the company said Wednesday. The reduction of approximately 350 American employees is equivalent to approximately 1% of the American employed population.

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