Amber HEART Academy coders ready for ICT industry – Jamaica News Service

The first batch of coders graduated from Amber HEART Academy, equipped with the skills needed to chart a career in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry.

These pilot project graduates registered to receive NCTVET Level Three Certification in Software Programming Operations and were employed by Amber Group, Digicel and the National Commercial Bank (NCB).

The Amber HEART Academy was officially launched on January 14, 2021. It is the brainchild of Amber Group Founder and CEO, Dushyant Savadia, and is a partnership with the HEART/NSTA Trust; the Housing, Opportunities, Production and Employment (HOPE) program and the Art of Living Foundation.

The first group of recruits were immersed in an intensive six-month program taught by a team of highly skilled master coders from the Amber Group, followed by a six-month internship program, where they developed software programs alongside developers. seniors.

They have acquired in-depth knowledge in technologies such as PHP, Javascript, API development, SQL and have been able to develop practical consumer interface solutions, including a blood donation management system, a rental application systems, a human resources (HR) management system, a classroom management system and an e-commerce site, among others.

Graduate, Akeem Henry, said the 18-month transformational program changed participants’ lives for the better.

Prime Minister, Rt Hon. Andrew Holness (left), with Amber Group Founder and CEO Dushyant Savadia (right), and Akeem Henry, who was the class valedictorian at the Amber HEART Academy graduation ceremony, who attended was recently held at the AC Hotel by Marriott Kingston.

“We are grateful for the rare opportunity we had, to gain knowledge and experience, success and failure, to grow in prestigious companies [such] like Digicel, NCB and Amber. We will be proud to be the first cohort of the distinguished Academy,” he said.

He praised the group Amber, especially its founder, for conceptualizing the program, as well as all the other actors who have been integral to their success.

“If it hadn’t been for Mr. Savadia, young people like us would have been greatly missed, not forgetting all the trust he placed in us; it was amazing. During our Art of Living exercise sessions, Mr. Savadia taught us techniques to awaken our senses and adjust our state of mind, helping us to focus more on our goals that we had set for ourselves” , did he declare.

Mr. Henry encouraged his fellow graduates to celebrate their accomplishments and become an inspiration to others.

“Each of us has the potential to make an inspiring contribution to others by being true to our values ​​and committed to our lofty goals,” he said.

For his part, Savadia said graduates have been given the tools to transform their lives and tap into the lucrative tech sector.

“We have the plan here. We actively train and certify our workforce to transition into higher value jobs. We trained problem solvers; therefore, the private and public sectors must use this new generation of skills to innovate, create and lead Jamaica with technology,” he said.

Prime Minister, Rt Hon. Andrew Holness (left), watches as Amber Group Founder and CEO Dushyant Savadia presents a certificate to Kimone Walters at the Amber HEART Academy graduation ceremony, held recently at the AC Hotel by Marriott Kingston.

Mr. Savadia noted that the technology sector remains among the fastest growing sectors across the globe, developing data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, printing 3D and much more, including aviation.

“So if technology is driving our daily lives, why can’t we here in Jamaica build the tech hub of the Caribbean and the entire region? Why can’t we build our own Silicon Valley, say instead of JamRock, call it a “Jam Tech Rock”? “, did he declare.

He argued that current issues in the world will require a greater reliance on technology to ensure that consumers and businesses can interact, integrate and survive.

“Last year, I pointed out that the biggest software exporters are India, China and Eastern European countries. This statistic has not changed. With a global market of US$507 billion, this is a tremendous opportunity to participate in this market, and Jamaica should not be left behind,” he said.

He emphasized that technology should not be feared but rather used for a greater good.

“I urge Jamaicans to embrace technology because when you embrace technology… you enable more jobs in this fastest growing space in the world. Often, technology is the catalyst for change. Let’s use technology to propel Jamaica to the next frontier,” Mr. Savadia said.

Following the success of the pilot project, Amber Group and the HEART/NSTA Trust have once again partnered to create the Amber HEART Institute of Coding.

The institute, which will be the first in the Caribbean dedicated to coding, will equip young people with sought-after technological skills. The first 500 students are expected to begin training in software design and programming from October.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister, the Right Hon. Andrew Holness, said the partnership between Amber Group and the HEART/NSTA Trust represents innovative thinking in training and development, and aligns education with industry needs.

Congratulating the graduates, the Prime Minister said they would support the country’s vision of creating a digital society.

“There is a need for a link between the machine and the function. Humans need to run machines, and the way we run machines is through coding and this is the fourth industrial revolution,” he noted.

Prime Minister, Rt Hon. Andrew Holness (right) in dialogue with Amber Group Founder and CEO Dushyant Savadia at the graduation ceremony for the first cohort of Amber HEART Academy intern coders at the AC Hotel by Marriot Kingston recently.

HEART/NSTA Trust Chairman Professor Alwin Wint said HEART is committed to providing training that matches the needs and demand of the workforce.

“We are committed that HEART/NSTA will do everything in their power to ensure that as the demand for skills explodes in the Jamaican economy…there is a supply of technical capacity to meet this demand “, did he declare.

Professor Wint said the partnership represents a tremendous example of what can be achieved “when we partner effectively…and harness the creative talent of the Jamaican people”.

HEART/NSTA Trust (Acting) Managing Director, Novelette Denton Prince, described the partnership as a perfect alliance, “with the ultimate result of strategically positioning Jamaica to be the hub of software development in the Caribbean. “.

“This partnership has created a revolution that will not only increase software development training and certification, but also meet industry demands, while simultaneously satisfying the quest of many Jamaicans to find their niche in the IT industry ( information technology),” she said. said.

Ms Denton Prince noted that the initiative provided a great opportunity to tailor the Trust’s software development training program to meet workforce demands and leverage international talent for higher IT skills. great value.

“The decision to partner with Amber Group has therefore undoubtedly enhanced the ability of HEART/NSTA Trust to upskill our young people and our workforce, to meet the needs of this digital economy based on rapidly emerging knowledge,” she said.

Norma A. Roth