‘An exciting new chapter’: Edmonds eLearning Academy has 104 graduates at Thursday’s ceremony

The Edmonds eLearning Academy opened for 104 students at Edmonds School District Stadium on June 16. (Photos by Nathan Blackwell)

Families, friends and staff gathered to cheer Thursday as the Edmonds eLearning Academy held its graduation ceremony for 104 students at Edmonds School District Stadium.

The school, which serves both full-time and part-time students, was founded by Sam Gladstein in 2007 and has since become the Edmonds School District’s comprehensive online high school, with over 300 students full-time and more than 900 students in total. each school year.

Academic courses are all accessible through its e-learning platform and are asynchronous, meaning they can be done at any time of the day. It offers students self-paced online lessons supported by Edmonds School District teachers through flexible daily Zoom opportunities. Students follow a course schedule that requires completing daily tasks for each of their classes as well as maintaining regular communications with their teachers.

Students can take both new courses and/or credit recovery courses and they also have regular opportunities to meet teachers in person at the Student Learning Center located on the Lynnwood campus.

Edmonds eLearning Academy offers a master’s-based program in which students demonstrate their domain knowledge in order to earn credits. Students can also take their courses at a faster pace, possibly allowing them to take a second course during a semester if they are motivated to complete their credits quickly.

“Seniors of 2022: Let me be the first and not the last to congratulate you,” principal Christy Frary said. “You have put in an incredible amount of effort and today you can see that effort has paid off. For some of you, today is just a moment in your college journey. others, you will find a career that calls to you today. For all, believe in the value you bring.

Principal Christy Frary

“We did it,” said Kisanet Gabreselassie, one of two student speakers featured at the ceremony. She told her classmates, “We graduated from high school in these turbulent and unexpected times. We have been through a global pandemic and ever-changing COVID protocols to keep us and our families safe.

Gabreselassie added that each student had diverse and unique experiences throughout high school. “I want to take a second to acknowledge the hard work, effort and incredible perseverance we all put into making this day a reality,” she said. “Throughout high school, we grew, changed, and evolved into better human beings. Today we celebrate that journey. Instead of our graduation today being a farewell to high school and further education or the job market, I’d like to think of this day as the closing of a chapter in our lives to begin. a new and exciting one.

Student Lecturer Kisanet Gabreselassie

Student lecturer Alan Nazarov said: “Although a lot of what is happening in the world today has something to do with the pandemic, life wasn’t just fun and fun before that. Going from a teenager to a teenager brings new opportunities and responsibilities, like learning how to deal with stress, making new friends and social interactions, keeping pace and being resourceful, and more.

He noted that perseverance was an important part of the academic journey that led to graduation. “The universe has always had and will continue to have more or less problems, we can’t get rid of them,” Nazarov said. “But if you’re thinking, ‘I’m doomed,’ you’re just stopping the track you’ve always wanted to be on and you don’t. Instead, remember that every step you take to solving these problems will always leave an imprint.

Student lecturer Alan Nazarov

Lecturer Terrence Thomas told the graduates, “Each of you has shown the ability to overcome adversity and make it this far.” He encouraged them to “dare a lot” to move forward and pursue their dreams, adding: “You are capable of more than you can even imagine and the only thing that will limit you is your ability to believe in yourself. -same”.

School counselor Jamie Regis, whose family has pledged to financially support one outstanding graduate each year with a scholarship to pursue their interests after high school, said she was honored to present Nazarov with “a $500 scholarship to supporting him and his ability to create his own legacy.” She noted that he attended the eLearning academy “for all four years of his high school journey” and “was a student who worked ahead in his classes and attended all of our social events and has been an eLearning ambassador on many different occasions.”

School counselor Jamie Regis presents Alan Nazarov with a $500 scholarship that his family financially supports each year for an outstanding graduate to pursue his interests after high school.
Regis also presented the Edmonds School District Foundation’s Annual Hazel and Morris Miller Memorial Scholarship of $5,000 to Carter Wood.

Regis then presented the annual Hazel and Morris Miller Foundation for the Edmonds School District Memorial Scholarship of $5,000 to Carter Wood. “Carter is an accomplished youngster and we wish him the best in his post-secondary education in his chosen field,” she said. “Carter, your future is bright and we are very proud of your achievement.”

Then the students lined up and received recognition for their achievement in graduating from high school. This was followed by the traditional rotation of the newly graduated students’ tassels to the left as the assembled crowd cheered for their accomplishments.

After the ceremony, many graduates gathered around the stadium with family and friends to take photos as they commemorated the joyful occasion.

— Story and photos by Nathan Blackwell

Norma A. Roth