Black Panther Theory Reveals The Truth About Cap’s Super Soldier Serum

A Fan Theory Gives A Whole New Origin To The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Super Soldier Serum, Connecting It To A Key Object From Black Panther: heart-shaped grass. Across more than 20 movies and a few TV shows, the MCU has introduced a variety of items and more that have aided its heroes on their journeys in various ways, and some of them have even made way for the creation of some bad guys. One of the standouts from Phase 1 was the Super Soldier Serum, which created none other than Captain America (Chris Evans).

Captain America made his MCU debut in Captain America: The First Avenger, which tells his origin story from his days as a skinny boy from Brooklyn trying to get into the military, to becoming a war hero and a global symbol of hope and bravery. What turned Steve Rogers into Captain America was the Super Soldier Serum, and he’s the only successful test subject of that program, but naturally there have been various failed attempts to replicate it since the 1940s. MCU showed off some of the failed experiments, each with dire consequences, but for a while the Super Soldier Serum was left out to focus on bigger, and at the time, most important stories.


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MCU Phase 4 Brought Back The Super Soldier Serum Through Variants Seen In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, making viewers realize that not much is known about the serum and its origins. This gave way to a few theories as to how the serum was made and what it’s made of that made it so hard to replicate, and one theory links it to the heart-shaped weed that can’t only be found in Wakanda, thus connecting From Captain America to Black Panther.

Black Panther’s Heart Grass Explained

Black Panther took the audience to Wakanda, where they not only met T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), Shuri (Letitia Wright), Okoye (Danai Gurira), and many other notable citizens of Wakanda, but also learned more about the history of this country and what makes it so special. Among the most notable things that can be found in Wakanda is the heart-shaped herb, a plant native to Wakanda that was traditionally eaten by the new ruler and thus inherited the Black Panther’s mantle. The herb gives those who consume it enhanced physical abilities, such as strength, speed, stamina, durability, reflexes, agility, and instinct. The herb also allows the user to enter the Ancestral Plane, where they can commune with the dead.

It is explained in Black Panther that millions of years ago, a meteorite composed of vibranium crashed into Africa, and its massive amounts of radiation changed the plant life around it, paving the way for the appearance of the grass in the shape of a heart. Years later, several tribes began to fight over the vibranium, so the panther God Bast told a warrior shaman to consume the herb, turning him into the first Black Panther, who then united the tribes in what is now known as Wakanda. The herb’s powers are strongly tied to vibranium, and the herb’s use is apparently limited to the royal family so they can protect themselves and Wakanda. Unfortunately, Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), after obtaining the powers of the weed, ordered the rest to be burned so no one could use their powers against him, but Nakia (Lupita Nyong’o) was able to. steal one. Since then, Shuri has been trying to find a way to recreate the heart-shaped weed, even considering adding vibranium to the mix, but so far has been unsuccessful.

Erskine’s Super Soldier Serum Could Never Be Fully Replicated

Captain America First Avenger Super Soldi

As mentioned above, what transformed Steve Rogers from a fragile child into Captain America was the Super Soldier Serum, created by Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci). He began developing the serum in 1930, and the following year Wilfred Malick delivered the key ingredient to HYDRA. In 1940, Johann Schmidt started injecting himself with the serum, but the formula was flawed and it turned him into a Red Skull. Erskine then escaped from the United States and joined the Strategic Scientific Reserve, where he started Project Rebirth. Through Vita Radiation and other experiences, Erskine perfected the Super Soldier Serum and then used it on Steve Rogers as part of the Super Soldier program. Unfortunately Erskine was killed and the last vial of the original serum was destroyed by HYDRA so the only hope of recreating the serum was through Captain America’s blood as the formula would be locked into his genetic code but that didn’t work. not enough.

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Since Erskine’s death, there have been various attempts in the MCU to replicate the Super Soldier Serum, but none of them have been successful, and among the most notable is the variant given to Isaiah Bradley. (which was introduced in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier), that of the Winter Soldier Program (which turned Bucky Barnes into the Winter Soldier), the gamma radiation variant that turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk, and the flawed one of Wilfred Nagel that was taken by John Walker (Wyatt Russell). It’s unclear exactly what Erskine used to create the Super Soldier Serum other than the Vita Radiation that made it so difficult to fully replicate it, and some fans believe he might have used the heart-shaped weed.

Theory: Super Soldier Serum Was Made Using Heart-Shaped Weed

Erskine Steve Rogers Captain America The First Avenger

A theory posted on Reddit suggests that the Super Soldier Serum was made using the heart-shaped weed that can only be found in Wakanda, and Erskine got a sample of it thanks to Howard Stark. Tony’s father comes into play because he not only worked alongside Erskine in Project Rebirth, but he also worked on new technologies and more using vibranium, which was discovered by Stark Industries researchers at Wakanda. The theory’s author explains that Stark could also have gotten some of the heart-shaped weed after discovering the Black Panther and the abilities he gained from the weed, which could be useful to states. -United.

The author supports the theory by explaining that Black Panther and Captain America have similar powers and are not exactly superhuman but more like enhanced humans. Now the heart-shaped weed could have been what made Erskine’s super soldier serum so successful, because it could have been the stabilizing agent he needed to prevent mutations, like what happened to Schmidt.

Could the Super Solider serum be related to vibranium instead?

Black panther 2 vibranium

An alternate theory to Erskine using the heart-shaped weed is that the super soldier serum contained vibranium. It’s been established in the MCU that vibranium is more than just an indestructible material used for weapons and more, as it’s an element that can be used for a variety of things, including medical purposes. Since Howard Stark already had samples of vibranium to work with, Erskine could have easily taken some of it in the hopes that it would give the Super Soldier Serum what it needed, and it turned out to be the missing ingredient in The mixture. This would also explain why the serum has not been recreated successfully, as obtaining vibranium was very difficult before Wakanda opened its borders, and since it is a very rare material, those looking to recreate the serum won’t would never have known that Erskine used this element in the formula.

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The Problems With The Black Panther/Captain America Theories

Captain America standing next to Black Panther

Both theories about the ingredients of the Super Soldier Serum would connect Black Panther and Captain America beyond them being some of Earth’s greatest superheroes because it would mean they have a common blood bond, which explains why their abilities are so similar – however, there are a few questions and issues surrounding them. Many fans pointed out that it would have been very difficult for Howard Stark to get some of the heart-shaped weed because not only was it reserved for the Wakandan royal family, but it was also heavily guarded, and not even someone so charismatic and influential. because he could have had access to it. However, others point out that Howard might have lied about his methods of obtaining the herb, but it’s still unlikely that the Wakandans let a complete stranger take a piece of one of their most prized items. Others have pointed to the herb’s connection to the ancestral plan and that Captain America had never had access to it, although that could be because the rest of the ingredients in the serum neutralized that part of the weed’s effects.

While both theories are interesting and could work one way or another, ultimately tying Captain America and Black Panther to the source of their abilities is pointless, especially since Steve Rogers is now retired. . With the Flag Smashers defeated, Nagel slain, and John Walker as the possible last super soldier, it seems unlikely that the MCU will continue to explore the origins and ingredients of the super soldier serum, so any possible connection between it and Black Panther (or any other character) will live on in the public imagination – unless Marvel decides to develop him as an addition to another superhero’s story.

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