Business News | Maratha Mandal Engineering College – The first college to implement blended learning in India as per AICTE guidelines

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Aug 25 (ANI/PNN): Maratha Mandal Engineering College (MMEC) will be the first professional college in the country to implement blended learning in its fullest form in partnership with Tech Avant-Garde. The college will implement the following actions:

Lycee – Connected Learning Community System: includes campus management, communication and collaboration, learning management solutions, content management, e-commerce and e-governance.

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Digital College: Built on Microsoft Office 365, complete with teaching and learning apps.

Hybrid learning infrastructure: All classrooms are equipped with hybrid learning infrastructure, such as flat screens, cameras, audio systems, modern networks and state-of-the-art hybrid learning software.

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Digital Literacy: Every student and educator will be trained and certified in digital literacy. Educators will be trained in Gen Extra Muros Pedagogy. Students, educators and parents will be trained on Microsoft O365 to enable the teaching-learning process.

Devices for everyone: Every teacher and student will receive the latest personal device. Students will use these devices in classrooms, at home, and to access virtual labs. Educators will use these devices to teach from anywhere, anywhere.

Digital Environment: MMEC will implement strict digital policies to ensure a safe environment for students and educators.

Accreditation: MMEC will obtain hybrid accreditation for each class.

The entire implementation will be carried out by Tech Avant-Garde in partnership with Microsoft.

Rajshee Najaraju, President of Maratha Mandal, said, “As a group, we are trying to reinvent education. Blended learning is going to be the most effective learning system. It will personalize education and make our institutions lockdown proof. anywhere, anywhere on any device”.

With the implementation of technology and the use of blended learning pedagogy, educational institutions can take advantage of cognitive learning, mixed reality, immersive learning, IoT, of AR-VR, STEM & STEAM learning and artificial intelligence, which will eventually reach students at home. This will result in limitless learning.

Ali Sait, CEO of Tech Avant-Garde, said, “Maratha Mandal will reap rich benefits by becoming the premier blended learning player, because digital transformation is an indisputable force that is revolutionizing our industries, reinventing our products, redefining our services and reshapes the way we live and work. Its impact demands a change in educational institutions and teaching practices. It shows how emerging technologies, including analytics and artificial intelligence, provide a much better understanding of student capabilities and support new approaches to teaching and learning. Congratulations to the management, staff and students of Maratha Mandal for taking this path.”

Tech Avant-Garde (TAG) is India’s largest solution provider in the education segment, supporting all genres of institutes ranging from K-12 schools to universities. TAG is part of Microsoft’s Accelerator program and has been certified as a Global Trainer for Microsoft in Education. TAG won Microsoft Asia Region’s Top Global Training Partner award. As Microsoft’s co-selling and ISV partner, TAG has implemented the Digital Transformation and Holistic Learning program to help educational institutions transition from physical classrooms to digital classrooms. Some of Tech Avant-Garde’s products and solutions include Lycee-Cyber ​​Academe, an ERP campus management solution, and Efeeonline, an online multi-mode fee payment solution for educational institutions that is connected to the system of Bharat bill payment developed by NPCI. TAG works on improving educators’ knowledge through Knowledge Future, the largest social learning platform for teachers, and Knowledge Key Foundation, to bring cutting-edge technology and tools to help institutions and teachers to improve their digital teaching and learning. skills.

Maratha Mandal, a pioneering educational organization, was established in Belgaum in 1931, motivated to serve society in the field of education. Maratha has primary and secondary educational institutions with instruction in English, Kannada and Marathi to serve all sections of society. Maratha Mandal also has institutions of higher learning, namely, Engineering College, Dental College, Polytechnic, College of Pharmacy (D. Pharm., B.Pharm. and M. Pharm), Arts, Commerce, Science and Home Science College . The Mandal, at present, runs 35 well-managed and well-established educational institutions from primary to post-graduation in various subjects and is endowed with its buildings and playgrounds.

Currently Maratha Mandal is led by its President, Rajshee Nagaraju. Due to his vision, Maratha Mandal embarks on a hybrid journey. In the next 8 years, on the occasion of its 100 anniversary, it wants every institution of Maratha Mandal to be ready for the age of knowledge.

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