‘Finectic’ launched a self-developed investment analysis system on the intelligent stock picking platform | Taiwan News

Enhanced artificial intelligence and machine learning functions allow users to gain more benefit from an accurate stock selection and investment decision in the Hong Kong and US stock markets

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – September 24, 2021 – Finetic, a Hong Kong-based smart stock selection and investment education platform, has developed its own AI-assisted investment analysis system, which provides a weekly selection of quality stocks in major global markets, including Hong Kong. Kong, China and the United States. The selection is made through a machine learning analysis of the most recent data from approximately 2,500 Hong Kong listed companies, in conjunction with technical analysis as well as an examination of a unique combination of factors affecting the performance of shares of the society.

HO Man Ho, Percival, Founder and CEO of Finetic

Finetic’s automatic selection process helps users avoid emotional decision-making and speed up the investment search process, thereby contributing to a more profitable outcome in equity investing. Given the unpredictability of the stock market, it takes a long time for individual investors to develop and practice their investment skills. Finetic also offers educational tools and tips that can simplify the learning curve and further increase the return on investment.

Improved system and algorithm restart

Mr. Ho Man-ho, Percival, Founder of Finetic and an experienced investor, created a stock analysis program known as Percival Core (the “System”) in 2005. The system collected, analyzed and quantified the basic and technical (price / volume) data of all Hong Kong stocks. The result of the process is a selection of “high growth stocks”, which have a solid foundation and technical characteristics (high potential in substantial price spikes). The system has recently been enhanced with AI components enabling analysis of even more data and correlations as well as self-learning for better investment results. In addition to data analysis, enhancements allow pattern recognition (including cup-and-handle, double-bottom, and flat-bottomed models), giving users referrals for research and strategy execution. specific investment.

Percival said that thanks to the system, he has been able to maintain his capital strength for investing in stocks over the past 16 years and has successfully avoided the impacts of the 2008 financial crisis. Considering the performance of Percival Core, Beginning in 2018, Percival began licensing system-generated stock picking results, then known as Amelia and Swing, to third-party distributors. At the start of 2021, Percival stopped conceding the results to third parties due to differences in the terms of cooperation.

However, many users still wanted the stock picking results. In response to popular demand, Percival founded Finetic Ltd., a new intelligent stock picking platform through which the Percival Core system was relaunched to the market in May 2021. In addition to the technical design and improvements of user experience, an investor education component directly overseen by Percival has been added to better enable users to earn profits by investing in quality and profitable stocks.

Finetic Chief of Staff Virginia Chan said “The Sunday Club webinars hosted by Percival on the platform are well received by our members. At events, members can learn the basics of equity investing through sharing experience and insights from Percival. Participants can also answer their questions related to investments.

Improved functions to optimize the accuracy of stock selection

Finetic further improved the system by introducing a “reinforcement learning” algorithm – creating a complex environment for the AI ​​system to nurture its capacity for self-learning in the volatile stock market. Percival also outfitted Finetic with a “supercomputer” (data science workstation) costing over $ 25,000 to train the AI ​​system to better perform stock selection. The “Reinforcement learning” algorithm has the capacity to surpass its designer and its ideation.

By receiving AI-recognized “rewards” whenever Percival Core identifies good deeds, AI learns from its actions. Through simulated trades and a history of stock selections that experience soaring prices, the system begins to self-learn and uncover the required parameters of stocks with explosive growth potential.

Finetic is currently applying this cutting edge technology to finding buy and sell points of stocks and is nearing the final testing phase. Once finalized, Percival Core will be able to find stocks with growth potential as well as their best buying and selling points, which will significantly increase the chances of a positive ROI. The successful deployment of this technology will also provide Finetic with more favorable conditions and benefits to expand into the B2B market.

In November, Finetic will participate in Fintech Week 2021, co-hosted by Hong Kong Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau and InvestHK. At the exhibition, Finetic will present a range of products and services, as well as artificial intelligence pattern recognition technology. This will be an opportunity for finance professionals and the investing public to learn more about Finetic’s technologies and business development.

Looking to enter the international market

The Percival Core engine has seen continuous improvements since 2005, resisting many market shocks including the 2008 financial crisis and COVID-19. Finetic prides itself on growing in Hong Kong’s well-regulated and organized financial sector, and is keen to use its experience to serve other international markets.

“Finetic has a comprehensive and efficient stock selection system for the Hong Kong, Chinese and US stock markets. Its offerings include a comprehensive list of quality stock picks, market analysis and tools for investors. In the future, it plans to further expand its offerings and global audience. Stock picking services for different countries / regions such as Taiwan, Singapore and UK will be launched thereafter in short succession. “

About Finetic

Finetic was founded in March 2021 as a provider of stock picking services and investor education center delivering “simple but powerful” solutions to investors. “Finetic” connotes the combination of “Fintech”, “Kinetic” and “Fanatic” (Percival’s energy and passion for investing in stocks). Finetic’s stock lists and tools are designed to help investors save time, simplify the investment process, make it easier to select quality stocks and increase success rates. Whether you are a new or seasoned investor, you can reap the rewards of the unpredictable stock market.



# Finetics

About the Founder and CEO of Finetic

Percival Ho, Founder and CEO of Finetic, graduated in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Hong Kong and holds a Masters in Information Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Dean’s Recognition List) . Percival first worked as a computer programmer at a large bank and became interested in investing in stocks. He began to use computer programs to aid in stock selection and took a number of courses in technical analysis of stock market investments, including training from William O’Neil, a renowned stock broker and writer. in the USA. He then went on to study Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Computing) at the University of Birmingham and obtained a Masters degree with first class honors.

In 2005, he created Percival Core, a stock selection system. Since then, he has been working tirelessly on the research and development of the system’s AI-assisted stock selection module, which combines cutting-edge AI technology and investment techniques.

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LEAD Technologies celebrates the release of LEADTOOLS Version 22

“We are excited to bring another powerful version of LEADTOOLS to the developer world with the addition of our Document Editor in the LEADTOOLS Editing SDK and a full ID reader in our Recognition SDK as well as many great enhancements and features across our product line. “

LEAD Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of LEADTOOLS Version 22. Heading this major release is the introduction of LEADTOOLS Edit SDK, a powerful JavaScript-based document editor, new ICR components and ID enhancements across all LEADTOOLS Document, Medical, Imaging and Multimedia product lines. LEADTOOLS Version 22 continues LEAD’s tradition of providing highly optimized and valuable development tools to programmers developing solutions to solve the complex challenges of this era of digital transformation.

“For more than three decades, LEAD has brought to the global market world-class recognition, documentation, medicine, multimedia and imaging technologies with computer vision and AI supporting everything we do.” , said Moe Daher, president and CEO of LEAD Technologies. “We are excited to bring another powerful version of LEADTOOLS to the developer world with the addition of our Document Editor in the LEADTOOLS Editing SDK and a full ID reader in our Recognition SDK as well as many great enhancements and features across our product line. ”

New Document Editing SDK

LEAD continues to provide innovative technology to help developers build better applications. The new LEADTOOLS document editor is a clutter-free document editing solution for HTML5 / JavaScript applications. The editor directly supports loading and editing of formats, such as DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF and TXT, and saving formats, such as PDF, DOCX and TXT, and does not require the LEADTOOLS customers license third-party components.

With rich document editing capabilities including undo / redo, clipboard (cut / copy / paste), ruler, fonts and styles, paragraph styles, alignment, lists (bulleted and numbered), images (all modes: online, text break, new line) text), tables (including split, merge, styles, borders, tables in tables), hyperlinks, headers / footers, page break and keyboard shortcuts, the editor is ideal for enterprise content solutions.

New Smart ID Reader SDK

Leveraging LEAD’s AI-based Document Analyzer SDK technology, the new LEADTOOLS ID Reader intelligently extracts data from live streams and photos of ID cards and driver’s licenses without require predefined layout. The ID reader advanced recognition algorithms recognize IDs from any country, state or agency.

Significant improvements to OCR and ICR (handwritten text)

In version 22, LEAD engineers added new noise and line suppression techniques that improve recognition of handwritten and machine-printed characters. This greatly improves the OCR and ICR of document images. Additionally, platform support for the LEADTOOLS ICR SDK has been extended to include .NET Core, Java, Objective-C, and Swift application development for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Extended support for PDF SDK and Office format

The PDF team has improved the integration of PDF fonts, which greatly improves the results of PDF / A conversion. Support for PDF digital signature has also been extended to Java and .NET Core.

In version 22, LEAD added support for loading password-protected Office formats for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Additionally, support for uploading Excel files now includes XLBS format. For PowerPoint, options to show or hide slides as well as other major rendering updates have been added. For Outlook, rendering of PST, EML, and MSG formats has been significantly improved.

Medical Toolkit Additions and Improvements

In an effort to increase image accuracy and reduce the need for additional radiation for patients, LEAD significantly expanded 3D capabilities in version 22. This includes a new method of virtual cephalometric rendering to create a sagittal projection of rays. X of a volume, a new MPR implementation that delivers faster, clearer rendering and more precise cut lines, and a new patient adjustment tool (rotation) to compensate for incorrect patient positioning and alignment for l imagery. Additionally, a single / double cut line feature has been added to Medical Web Viewer, so users can cut two perpendicular lines on a 3D volume and extract the cut line slices.

Version 22 also brings improvements to the DICOM storage server, including additional support for running multiple instances, new temporary file options, new log filter options, increased speed for TLS secure connections, and options. to specify the number of attempts to transfer to additional PACS servers.

Multimedia and imagery updates

In the Media SDK, LEAD added support for playing Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) content that carries embedded MPEG-2 transport streams, allowing developers to build powerful applications to send and receive audio. audio and video via UDP and HTTP Internet / intranet connections. In addition, LEADTOOLS DirectShow players and converters can automatically correct video captures from rotated mobile devices.

In version 22, LEAD added new support for loading and saving HEIC / HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) images. Additionally, support for CGM ClearText encoding has been added.

Many other features, updates and improvements are included in this major release. For more details on the entire LEADTOOLS Version 22 package and to download a free and fully functional evaluation SDK, please visit https://www.leadtools.com/corporate/new-in-v22.

About LEAD Technologies

With a rich history spanning over 31 years, LEAD has established itself as the world’s leading provider of software development toolkits. LEAD’s flagship product, LEADTOOLS, provides programmers with a powerful set of libraries for recognition, document, vector, medicine, imaging and multimedia development. LEAD benefits from a diverse customer base as well as a strong list of business partners, including some of the largest and most influential organizations around the world. For more information, visit http://www.leadtools.com.

LEADTOOLS Sales: 704-332-5532 | [email protected]

LEADTOOLS Support: 704-372-9681 | [email protected]

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Nutanix Cloud Platform Enhances Critical Workload Support with AOS 6 Software

Nutanix announced new features in the Nutanix Cloud platform, including the release of AOS version 6 software, to help businesses build modern, software-defined data centers and accelerate their hybrid multicloud deployments.

With these new features, businesses will benefit from an integrated virtual network, improved disaster recovery, and zero-trust security that would otherwise require additional hardware, software, and specialist skills. More importantly, due to the integrated nature of the Nutanix Cloud platform, all functionality is managed through a single interface, which significantly reduces operational overhead.

“Our customers are looking for cloud solutions that can adapt to their needs, with an emphasis on simplicity, flexibility and the freedom to choose the right technology for each situation,” said Rajiv Mirani, CTO at Nutanix. “The Nutanix Cloud platform continues to break down common silos within IT teams with the goal of simplifying operations so customers can focus on business needs. With these new features, we focused on solving the common challenges many businesses face in hybrid multicloud environments, including security, disaster recovery, and virtual networks.

Simplified virtual private cloud on hybrid multicloud

Nutanix AOS 6 can now deliver Flow Networking, a network virtualization offering on the AHV hypervisor that allows customers to simplify their networking through a single software-defined glass management panel. Businesses and service providers can now easily create virtual private clouds (VPCs) to provide their users with cloud-like agility with minimal reliance on hardware switches and routers.

Flow Networking also offers VPN features that allow customers to connect and extend their virtual networks to any public and private cloud infrastructure. The ability to provide cloud connectivity on demand, without the need for dedicated physical appliances and other complex configurations, further reduces costs and simplifies operations for customers.

Extended access for enterprise-grade business continuity and disaster recovery

Customers who adopt the Nutanix Cloud platform with AOS 6 gain access to new business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) capabilities that were previously only available in specialized solutions. AOS 6 enables the public cloud to operate as a secondary site, native metro clustering support for the integrated AHV hypervisor enabling automatic failover in the event of a disaster, as well as end-to-end encryption capabilities for traffic disaster recovery.

In addition, a new DR dashboard provides a complete view of the configuration and status of customer disaster recovery at primary and secondary sites. These capabilities allow organizations to eliminate specialized disaster recovery hardware and software, reduce licensing costs, improve recovery time, simplify operations, and potentially eliminate secondary hot standby sites. expensive. It enables midsize businesses that may not have the budget or the skills to implement robust disaster recovery capabilities to better protect their businesses from disasters.

Automated zero-trust security policies

More organizations are looking to take a zero-trust approach to security, but developing policies that are both effective and efficient can be a significant hurdle, especially for environments that span public and private clouds. The upcoming features of the Nutanix Cloud platform, as part of the Flow Security Central SaaS platform, eliminate this common challenge by automatically creating Flow microsegmentation policies through a machine learning-based scheduling engine that analyzes network traffic for an organization and recommends security policies to protect machine workloads from potential attacks.

Additionally, the Nutanix Cloud platform will integrate with Qualys Inc.’s vulnerability management detection and response (VMDR) solution to enable customers to streamline security patching efforts with vulnerability detection capabilities. virtual machine centric threats and vulnerability risk visualization. The enhanced protection in Nutanix Files will help detect and prevent against over 4,000 known ransomware attack signatures with the ability to dynamically deliver new signatures.

Finally, Nutanix AOS, AHV and Files products are now approved for placement on the Department of Defense Information Network (APL) Approved Product List after successfully passing rigorous cybersecurity and interoperability testing.

“AOS 6, along with the virtual networking and security innovations in Nutanix cloud platforms, provide an out-of-the-box end-to-end platform to run any application, including the most mission critical, on-premises and in the public cloud, ”said Eric Sheppard, Research Vice President, IDC Infrastructure Platforms and Technologies Group. “The new features meet many demands from corporate customers looking to increase efficiency and reliability in clouds, to meet their current and future needs. “

Enterprise-grade virtual networking and disaster recovery capabilities are currently available to customers; security enhancements are currently under development.

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X2O Media announces updates to its immersive collaboration solution X2O OneRoom

New software version allows better integration with major learning management systems, improved user interface and virtual rooms

MONTREAL, September 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – X2O Media announces the latest version of its award-winning X2O platform, which powers the innovative X2O OneRoom hybrid learning solution. A member of the STRATACHE family of companies, X2O Media is a global provider of virtual collaboration technologies for education and organizations.

X2O OneRoom is designed to create an immersive learning and collaboration environment to help organizations improve teamwork, train their hybrid workforce and, for educational institutions, remove limitations geographic areas to access their training courses

X2O OneRoom v2.4 addresses the growing demand for hybrid collaboration and training for businesses and educational institutions. The full version introduces essential integration with leading learning management systems (LMS) and virtual instructor-led training (VILT) systems, and offers an enhanced experience for remote participants, virtual room capability , linguistic localization, additional analyzes and camera tracking in the room.

OneRoom is designed to create an immersive real-time meeting, collaboration, and learning environment. OneRoom offers many distinctive features to help organizations improve teamwork, training their hybrid workforce, and, for educational institutions, remove geographic limitations and improve access to technology. education for their students. With its wide range of applications, the new generation X2O OneRoom offers the flexibility to apply the technology for use as a meeting room, classroom, training room, boardroom or other unique collaborative use cases. .

“Global events over the past year and a half have accelerated demand for OneRoom collaboration technology. This release amplifies X2O Media’s commitment to improving the OneRoom experience for businesses and higher education clients. Compared to traditional video conferencing, OneRoom offers many distinctive features, and we continue to align technology to deliver an immersive, human and immersive approach to learning, meeting, training and decision making. greatly improved the learning experiences of their employees, executives and students, ”said Mansour brek, President of X2O Media.

“Travel these days, especially international travel, is a hardship, and companies around the world are looking for solutions that alleviate that pain and optimize their employees’ precious time,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of the STRATACACHE family of companies. “We have seen with our customers as well as our own use, that the OneRoom solution reduces risk, downtime, costs and travel disruption while increasing efficiency. In short, it facilitates the new way of working and distance learning. “

X2O Media to Showcase OneRoom and Innovative Visual Communication Solutions at Booth # Q64 at UC Expo 2021, to be held October 6-7 in London, United Kingdom.

For more information on the new features of X2O OneRoom in version 2.4, click here.

About X2O Media
X2O Media provides unified visual communication and collaboration solutions for higher education and businesses worldwide. The award-winning X2O platform represents a new category of communication tools that improve the way businesses and educational institutions engage with their employees and students. X2O OneRoom collaboration technology has been installed worldwide in many educational institutions and businesses. X2O Media is part of the STRATACHE family of digital media / marketing technology companies and is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. For more information, contact X2O Media at [email protected] and follow X2O Media updates on LinkedIn and Twitter.

STRATACHE provides scalable customer experiences, enabling retailers to learn more about their customers’ purchasing preferences and behaviors, enabling personalized interaction with shoppers. Our solutions empower the consumer at the point of decision, driving new sales opportunities and increased retail profitability. With over 3.3 million software activations worldwide, we power the largest digital networks for the world’s biggest brands. Within the STRATACHE family of complementary digital media solutions and advertising technology companies, we have the technology, expertise and track record to bring retail innovation that delivers results. Learn more about the STRATACACHE family at https://www.stratacache.com/en/ on LinkedIn and Twitter.





View original content to download multimedia: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/x2o-media-announces-updates-to-its-immersive-collaboration-solution-x2o-oneroom-301382786.html


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SEPLAT STEP: Improve teacher skills for effective impact

Uchechukwu Nnaike reports that the three-month training program for 200 teachers and six chief education inspectors in Edo and Delta by Seplat Energy Plc. and the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company is to promote creative thinking of teachers and higher engagement of students

One of the challenges facing the Nigerian education system is the low well-being of teachers. Over the years, this affected their attitude at work, resulting in poor performance of students in all areas. The poor condition of teachers has made it the least desired profession, often the last resort for those seeking employment in other more lucrative fields.

As such, admission to colleges of education and university faculties of education was less competitive, unlike other specialist fields and programs. Teacher unions have gone on strike to demand improved welfare from successive governments.

The audit of the Commission for Universal Basic Education (UBEC) revealed a significant deficit in the number of qualified teachers at the basic level in public and private schools.

A statement attributed to UBEC Executive Secretary Dr Hamid Bobboyi noted that the results of the National Personnel Audit (NPA) indicated that around 277,537 qualified teachers are needed to fill the existing gaps at the level of the staff. basic education.

The audit specifically found that while 73 percent of teachers in public basic schools are qualified, only 53 percent of teachers in private schools are qualified to teach at the basic level.

However, there is a gradual improvement as the federal and state governments have realized that improving teacher skills will improve student performance. The private sector has also engaged, with investments in infrastructure, technology and teacher training, along with other initiatives to reward outstanding teachers, thus inspiring others to work hard.

One such private sector initiative is the SEPLAT JV Teachers Empowerment Program (STEP), implemented by a local energy company, Seplat Energy Plc. and the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), to promote teachers’ creative thinking skills, enabling higher student engagement, to improve educational attainment in Delta and Edo.

The second edition of the program, which started recently, involves 200 teachers and six chief education inspectors (CIEs) from both states. They would be trained in modern learning techniques, critical thinking, problem solving and lecture notes for three months.

Speaking at the official inauguration of the program in Benin, the Director of External Affairs and Sustainability, SEPLAT, Dr Chioma Nwachukwu, said the selection process for beneficiary teachers began with an online test for 874 teachers registered in all schools in Benin. Edo and Delta.

Nwachukwu, represented by Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Seplat, Esther Icha, added that beneficiaries came from 28 schools in each of the two states; five teachers each, representing each public school and two from the private schools. The training began with a three-day workshop in Benin, designed to allow teachers to access the Seplat Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) application.

“They are now going to apply learning and demonstration, and that is why STEM training is very critical in nation building,” Nwachukwu said.

She added that the training would end with the awarding of certificates to successful teachers in February 2022. Beneficiaries should set up a STEM club in their various schools.

“The STEM club will be opening an exhibition where the use of STEM to provide solutions to global problems will be showcased,” she added.

Through the education of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), students are engaged in several activities that establish communication skills such as criticizing art, presenting research, collaborate with peers on group projects and communicate results in research papers.

In addition to creative thinking, STEAM education creates an environment in which students can learn to express themselves in a climate of support and acceptance in the classroom, giving them the chance to explore more of themselves.

There are also indicators that teachers who are well equipped to teach STEAM play an important role in guiding children, resulting in higher performance than less experienced teachers. This, among others, has prompted SEPLAT to continue to make significant progress in its drive to improve the level of education in the country, especially in its host states.

Officials from the Edo State Ministry of Education and Science and Technology and the Delta State Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, respectively, welcomed the collaboration with SEPLAT. They are committed to ensuring the success of the initiative.

Edo Education Ministry Permanent Secretary Stellamaris Imasuen explained that Seplat’s tenure was in line with the state government’s vision for education.

Represented by the Executive Director of Professional and Scientific Technical Education, Odegua Kushe, she said:. “

In addition, Rose Ezewu, Delta State’s Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education, commended the company for working with the government to equip teachers with modern techniques to improve classroom experiences.
Ezewu, represented by Director of School Services Ufuoma Oduma, said that over the years teaching and learning in the country has suffered huge setbacks in the face of modern technology.

“But with the intervention of a company like Seplat in collaboration with the government, a new era of enriching classroom experiences has been ushered in,” said Ezewu.

For his part, NPDC Director General Alli Zahra, represented by Bassey Etim Bassey, highlighted the purpose and impact of teachers in nation building, hence the need for such training.

Around 100 teachers and 43 CIEs benefited from the first edition of the program, which started in November 2020 and certified beneficiaries in March 2021.

An education roundtable rounded off the certificate ceremony to highlight the company’s position on providing quality education as a national priority.

Some of the beneficiaries said that the training would be an opportunity to change the discourse in their daily activities.

Ejoma Emiliana, a CIE and beneficiary from the South Oshimili Local Government Zone in Delta State, said the program was an opportunity for her at the end of the supervision.

She said the program “has increased and improved my knowledge, and I thank Seplat for coming to improve my ideas in different ways.”

Godfrey Edobholo, a teacher representing the Federal College of Science and Technology in Uromi, said: “We have seen how our minds have been refined, for a refined mind is a transformed life. We have seen how important this is because, as a teacher, you are a leader.

“We saw the bridge and the connection between a teacher and a leader because leadership itself programs to secure the present which is the now; and also capture the future.

Edobholo added: “So generally the empowerment program of Seplat is for us to secure the future of our children and also to capture the future because if you are raising a child you have raised a nation.”

The company also runs the Seplat PEARLs Quiz for schools in Edo and Delta states. The competition aims to promote and reward the academic excellence of high school students.

Educational intervention would be at the heart of the President of SEPLAT, Dr ABC Orjiako, whose pursuit of excellence is unprecedented.

While congratulating the company for the initiatives, stakeholders called on other corporate organizations to replicate the gesture in other areas to move the country forward.

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The FIRST Perfusio Corp study passes the 100 patient milestone for its Perfusio-ARMUS cloud repository

GREENVILLE, North Carolina, September 21, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Perfusio Corp, a medical device company pioneering real-time visualization of infusion and blood flow through its Certes ™ surgical imaging technology, has captured more than 100 patient images in his study in first person (FIRST) in the Perfusio-ARMUS cloud repository. The FIRST the 100-patient stage of the study consolidates the foundation for the continued growth of the machine learning capability of the Certes ™ platform for future predictive analytics intended to assist surgeons with immediate visualization of blood flow and blood flow. real-time infusion.

The FIRST study, designed as a multi-site study, currently has twenty-five physicians in nine surgical subspecialties who are study investigators. (The use of Certes ™ is not limited to any specific subspecialty or procedure under its FDA 510 (k) Class II clearance.)

“The potential of the Certes ™ platform to visualize, in real time, possible surgical complications, mitigate them and improve patient outcomes is incredible,” commented Gyula Sziraczky, CEO of ARMUS. “This milestone for surgical image capture lays the foundation for lifelong learning and predictive analytics – a real game-changer anytime a surgeon needs to see immediate infusion and blood flow in the operating room. “

“This is a major achievement for our company,” commented Monte B. Tucker, CEO of Perfusio. “The Perfusio-ARMUS repository can now expand at an exponential rate to truly support predictive analysis – in real time – of perfusion and blood flow in the surgical setting. “

The Perfusio-ARMUS cloud repository serves as a “back end” to Perfusio’s knowledge platform, based on the company’s multispectral physiological visualization (MSPV) medical imaging technology solutions. MSPV captures, analyzes and displays the true dynamic physiology of perfusion and blood flow in intact and diseased tissue, by immediate real time. Unlike other real-time surgical imaging devices, the MSPV integrated into the Certes The device is non-contact, non-invasive, does not need dyes or contrast agents, and does not use ionizing radiation. On the device, the immediate display of dynamic perfusion analysis is AI-based – new knowledge for surgeons not available in today’s standard care practice. Once the procedure is complete, this data is downloaded securely from the device into the Perfusio-ARMUS repository. Surgeons can access their own patient data through the secure surgeons web portal to view, compare and gain additional new knowledge about the distribution of blood flow in tissues.

About Perfusio Corp and Certes ™

Perfusio Corp is a Greenville, North Carolina-based medical device company engaged in the development and commercialization of innovative and transformational platform technologies for non-invasive surgical imaging. Approved by the FDA in 2019 as iCertainty ™, Perfusio’s Certes ™ enables surgeons to view the dynamic physiology of blood flow and perfusion in surgical tissue, using a proprietary combination of multispectral imaging and AI-enhanced laser speckle contrast analyzes with real immediate effect. display of quantified tissue perfusion time. This visualization cannot be seen in current standard care practice with the human eye and visible light. With Certes ™, the surgeon has immediate new knowledge to determine where normal and subnormal tissue perfusion is present. Since dyes and ionizing radiation are not used, imaging can be repeated as often as needed before, during, and after the procedure. With this new knowledge, surgeons identify and solve problems, avoid potential complications, and improve patient outcomes. The documentation survives the procedure using a cloud-based image repository for benchmarking, post-surgical review, future machine learning, and predictive analytics. Perfusio holds an exclusive license on 14 patents surrounding its technologies, with more than 20 additional patents pending.


ARMUS Corporation, a Silicon Valley-based clinical registry development and advanced data analysis company, has been providing cyber-secure data capture and reporting services to hundreds of institutions in the United States and around the world for over twenty years old. Our clients include leading medical companies, large healthcare organizations, academic centers, and medical device companies. ARMUS ‘proprietary HYBRID technology platform enables the development of clinical registries at lightning speed, the transfer of data from any other registry or complex device, and the translation of data into actionable reports. Our most advanced AI-powered analytics and reporting solutions empower healthcare providers to make informed decisions that translate into optimal clinical and financial outcomes. HYBRID is accessible on the world’s most advanced Google Cloud platform.

See the source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210921005131/en/


Monte B. Tucker, [email protected], 252-656-0404

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Prepare FES teachers and trainers to “teach well” in a digital world

Continuing education news

The FE News Channel gives you the latest education news and updates on emerging education strategies and # The future of education and the #AvenirduTravail.

Providing reliable and positive continuing education news and opinions since 2003, we are a digital news channel with a mix of written articles, podcasts and videos. Our specialization offers you a blend of the latest education news, our position is always positive, building the sector and sharing different perspectives and viewpoints of thought leaders, to provide you with a think tank of new ideas and solutions for bring the education sector together and come up with new innovative ideas and solutions.

FE News publishes exclusive articles on the thought leadership among the peers of our story writers, as well as user-generated content on our network of over 3,000 newsrooms, providing multiple sources of the latest education news in the world. education and employability sectors.

FE News also broadcasts live events, podcasts with top experts and thought leaders, webinars, video interviews and continuing education newsletters so you receive the latest developments in Skills news and in the areas of learning, continuing education and employability.

Each week, FE News offers more than 200 articles and new content per week. We are a news channel providing the latest news on lifelong learning, providing insight from multiple sources on the latest developments in education policy, the latest strategies, right down to our thought leaders who provide strategy reflection on blue skies, best practices and innovation to help examine future developments. for education and the future of work.

As of January 2021, FE News had over 173,000 unique visitors according to Google Analytics and over 200 new news content each week, ranging from thought leadership articles to the latest education news via writing, podcasts, videos. and press releases from across the industry. , which places us in the UK’s top 2,000 websites.

We thought it would be helpful to explain how we prioritize our latest education news content and how you can get involved and understand how you can read the latest daily continuing education news and how we structure our content. of week FE:

main Features

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Is online learning just a hype or a trend?

With the rapid growth of digitization in education, e-learning is no longer a trend but a present. What makes it trendy? What EdTech trends are the future of e-learning? Why is online learning the future? In our article, we’ll provide the definitive answers to these questions. Let’s dive in now.

How has COVID-19 influenced the industry?

With the COVID-19 lockdown, many schools around the world have had to close classrooms and move the learning process online. As a result, education has been dramatically changed, where teaching and learning is delivered remotely through digital platforms.


E-learning has increased information retention while taking less time, according to Weforum research. This means that the changes caused by COVID-19 are more likely to last for the near future.

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced not only education in schools, but all types of learning activities. Many educational institutions and companies that offer in-company training are now practicing e-learning. So if e-learning tends to stay in the educational environment, what will it look like? What trends to follow in 2021?

7 e-learning trends to consider in 2021-2022

To demonstrate the potential of EdTech trends, we’ve compiled seven examples of how the learning industry can be transformed under the influence of modern technologies.

1. Immersive learning with VR and AR

Learning abilities in the classroom have changed dramatically since the introduction of virtual reality and augmented reality. Technologies allow teachers to practice learning methods that are more interactive than ever. VR training is especially useful for students taking medical education courses. It allows students to undergo surgeries in a low risk environment. AR enhances the sight of simple images, providing students with an extended reality experience just by looking at the illustration in the book.

2. Learning analysis

Learning analytics is beneficial for teachers and students. By measuring and reporting on student learning activities, teachers can better understand and optimize the learning process. For example, teachers can determine what type of information (videos, texts, graphics, etc.) is most popular among students and use it in future lessons. They can also take advantage of learning analysis to identify groups of students with similar abilities in order to deliver more effective programs to reach their full potential.

3. Big Data for personalized learning experiences

Since the COVID-19 lockdown, people’s educational habits have changed dramatically. The online learning market has grown rapidly and is expected to grow by over $ 240 billion by 2022 according to Statista. This results in fierce competition in the industry market. So, to keep up with the competition, online training providers need to deliver a personalized learning experience to their customers. How to improve the learner experience? Big data can be a great source for online training providers to generate ideas for personalization. Data on learner performance, learner enrollment, learner feedback, etc. are types of information that you should look at to gain valuable insight on how to improve your e-learning courses.

4. AI automation

Artificial intelligence is one of the main trends in the EdTech market. Why? AI can automate many manual processes, and scoring is one of them. Now teachers can easily create quizzes with multiple choice questions scored automatically. Another great example is an AI-based tutor that will help teachers help students with simple tasks. AI-based alerts can notify teachers if their students are having performance issues.

5. Learning management systems

The concept of storing and managing digital content has also entered the learning industry. Now, educational institutions can easily plan learning activities with learning management systems. LMSs cover a wide variety of tasks including managing student performance, scheduling schedules, storing learning materials, and more.

6. Gamification

No matter your age, learning through play is easier than traditional learning. This modern approach to online learning, called gamification, makes the learning process very different today. Along with the immediate interaction with the material, it improved the motivation and engagement of the learners.

7. Mobile learning

The evolution of traditional e-learning in the form of mobile learning is also an important trend to consider in 2021. In a rapidly changing world, the ability to do things on the go is not just a desire but a necessity. The AppStore and the Google Play Market are now full of phone learning apps that allow users to learn foreign languages, master professional skills and many other opportunities.

Why is online learning the future?

  • It’s flexible. Online learning allows teachers and students to organize the learning process on a schedule that works for everyone.
  • It offers a wider range of learning opportunities. Online training courses, mobile learning apps, e-learning systems for self-study are just a few examples that online learning offers learners.
  • It is accessible from anywhere in the world. You are no longer dependent on a specific location to attend classes.
  • It provides social distancing during pandemics. During the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the number one reason for health protection.
  • It’s cheaper than traditional apprenticeship. E-learning pays off for educators as there is no need to spend additional costs on computer equipment, renting desks, while students save time and money by spending less to reach the room. of physical class.

Final thoughts

These are just a few reasons why e-learning is the future and the Seven Tech Trends are just a few of the dozens of use cases already implemented in the industry. Yet whether you are a teacher or an online learning service provider, it is essential to understand that learning is no longer offline. We are likely to experience hybrid forms of learning, but online learning has become an important part of modern education.

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Preparing young people in the UAE for employment involves several levels

The acquisition of professional skills is only part of it. Working on a strategy is what young people in the UAE will need to get started.
Image Credit: SGG

Young people are living a period of accelerated change driven by an increased focus on diversity, sustainability and technology. The rapid arrival of Industry 4.0 (advanced and connected manufacturing) will further change the nature of work and require new skills.

People between the ages of 15 and 35 make up almost 50% of the population of the United Arab Emirates, the largest demographic cohort. Investing in them to help everyone realize their full potential is an essential step in ensuring a secure economic future.

To understand the way forward, Strategy & Middle East Ideation Center worked with the Emirates Youth Council (EYC). We took a look at the top 10 youth-related trends that the pandemic has intensified, trends that will shape the next decade for young people in the UAE. Five themes are behind these trends: education and human capital, employment and productivity, health and safety, society and sustainability, and citizenship.

In terms of education and human capital, young people should focus on digital, personalized and lifelong education. As educational models become more flexible, students will personalize their learning experiences. Likewise, the focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) based education and learning in all disciplines will intensify, with an emphasis on developing technological skills and not techniques.

In turn, employers need an agile, entrepreneurial and resilient workforce. Remote and digital working will become the norm, made possible by the adoption of emerging technologies. The odd-job economy and fluid workforce are increasingly prevalent, with people holding many jobs or employees shared by multiple employers.

This means that young people will be inclined to find a job that meets their desire for enterprise, personal freedom, innovation, individuality and ownership. Likewise, they will put more emphasis on their physical well-being. Fitness will be more holistic and more digitally enhanced.

Young people are already benefiting from innovations that offer personalized diets. Medical technologies will provide data-driven preventative care and improve longevity. The pandemic has made mental health problems worse, but mental illnesses will lose their stigma and treatments will use new technologies.

A change in consumption

The pandemic has also encouraged young people to focus on sustainable consumption. There is more stress on saving for the future than on instant gratification. The sharing economy, hard hit by health problems, will have to be reinvented. The entertainment industry is moving towards immersive digital experiences. Disruptions in supply chains mean more support for local products. Young people will become more active in adopting resource-efficient lifestyles and promoting policies to combat climate change, and will encourage businesses to be more environmentally friendly. Likewise, young people will have more opportunities for “green” education and jobs in renewable energies. At the community level, social cohesion is strengthening in the UAE.

This trend is part of broader changes in the structure of the family, with an increase in the number of working women, a decline in birth rates and an increase in the number of dependent elderly people. Technology will narrow the intergenerational divide, while global citizenship education will prepare students for the future global job market.

Social protection, inclusion and empowerment programs will promote gender equality and determined people will benefit from inclusive opportunities through assistive technology. Social entrepreneurship is more popular, as is virtual volunteering.

Deploy technology creatively

Innovative channels like technology platforms strengthen civic participation. These platforms will also allow a wider participation of young people in politics and decision-making. Young people should treat these trends as priorities, prepare for Industry 4.0, seek internships and entrepreneurship programs while testing entrepreneurial ideas through startup challenges.

They need to take initiative and prioritize their physical and mental health, using technology to set physical activity prompts and embracing telemedicine and personalized health care. They need to be financially responsible and develop money management skills. They should develop environmentally friendly habits and “reduce, reuse, recycle” lifestyles.

In response, the entities concerned should have the appropriate policy for each trend. These entities should remain involved with young people so that young people are more involved in the co-design of solutions.

Organizations can create alliances with technology companies to provide young people with internships and apprenticeships. They should foster an ecosystem for young entrepreneurs and improve the availability of finance for young entrepreneurs.

Together, youth initiatives and official policies can have a huge impact, preparing young people and the UAE for the future.

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Now is the time to build your career

The job market is hot right now, which makes it a great time to build your career. Employers struggle to find and hire great talent, and as a result, they offer increasing wages, benefits and opportunities. You can take advantage of the tight labor market to advance in your work and embark on the path to your best professional success.

Opportunities abound

A new report from ManpowerGroup polling 45,000 employers in 43 countries found that organizations are hiring. And in 15 countries, their hiring plans are the highest ever since the survey began in 1962. Additionally, a Monster report found that 82% of U.S. employers plan to hire in 2021.

The ManpowerGroup report found that globally, the strongest hires are forecast for the United States, India and Canada, and that in North America, they will be the largest in the United States. (up 48%), Canada (up 40%) and Mexico (up 39%). In addition to these most hired areas, the following countries also expect an increase in hiring: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom. The countries with the greatest difficulties in finding the right talent are India, Romania, Singapore, Bulgaria, France, Japan, Belgium, Germany, South Africa, Italy, Spain.

The ManpowerGroup report found that the industries with the greatest difficulty hiring are manufacturing as well as finance / insurance / real estate / business services. The Monster report found that the strongest job growth will be in transportation and warehousing, technology, healthcare, professional services and construction. “This recovery is unlike any we’ve seen before, with hiring intentions increasing much faster than after previous economic downturns,” said Jonas Prising, CEO of ManpowerGroup.

Career involvement: Companies and countries are looking for great talent. Consider focusing your research on countries, markets, and industries where there is the greatest demand for talent. Maybe now is the time to step out of your current country or industry and expand in new ways and in new places.


According to Monster data, 86% of workers say their careers have stalled due to the pandemic. And a survey of 500 millennials and millennials by Elements Global Services found that 78% of respondents said the pandemic left them wondering what they wanted to do for their jobs and their lives. career. Plus, people are looking for new opportunities and Monster job searches prove it – they grew 18% in June and a further 18% in July.

Career involvement: Now is a great time to come together and re-evaluate your career goals, your organization, your culture, and even your colleagues. You’ll be in good company as you think about what you enjoy doing, what job gives you the most fulfillment, and who you want to work with. According to Ruth Harper ManpowerGroup, Director of Communications and Sustainability, “Around the world we are seeing talent shortages at their highest and growing, including here in the United States. These record hiring intentions as we emerge from the pandemic mean that this is truly a labor market right now. ”

Work is a fundamental way for us to find meaning, to express our talents and to contribute to our communities. No job or career is perfect. love do with what you have to do. And now it’s time to reset and reimagine your career growth.

Competence development

The need for skills on the part of employers is important. According to the ManpowerGroup study, 69% of employers said they had difficulty filling positions due to the lack of skills of applicants. And that was a 15-year high data. As a result, 20% of employers are reducing their skills and experience requirements, and 41% of employers offer training, skills development and mentoring as a way to attract and retain employees. Claire Barnes, Director of Human Capital, Monster, offers a perspective on skills development: “Being able to develop and retrain the talents you already have demonstrates career progression. It also shows that if you are a successful artist, you have potential in the organization. “

From an employee perspective, the Monster study found that 29% of employees say they quit because they feel they don’t have adequate growth opportunities, and 45% of workers say they do. would be more likely to stay with their employer if they were offered job training. Specifically, workers want to further develop their technological skills such as coding, machine learning, word processing (eg Word, Google Docs), analysis (eg Excel) and updating professional accreditations. and licenses. For those looking for a new job, 54% say they do not have the skills to plan for the future.

Career involvement: Now is the time for you to think about what skills you want to acquire and how you can expand into a new role, job, or career. You may be able to enter a field that is new to you and get training from your employer. Or you may be able to enter a business by leveraging your existing skills and grow within the organization through skill development, learning and mentoring.

Scott Blumsack, Senior Vice President for Research and Ideas, Monster, offers this perspective: “Returning to work represents a great opportunity for job seekers to leverage their skills for career advancement. Technical skills are always in demand in all industries, but so are more general skills such as customer service and collaboration. “

Salary increases

With the job market tight, the ManpowerGroup study found that 31% of employers offer pay raises and 23% offer incentives such as signing bonuses. It is also what employees want. According to Monster data, 77% of job applicants define ‘career growth’ as ​​a pay rise, and the Elements study of several hundred career-related Google searches found that one of the top searches was “high paying jobs”. Indeed, the search for more profitable jobs increased by 120% between February 2020 and July 2021.

Career involvement: Your salary could go up. Look for high paying jobs and don’t be surprised if the pay scale for your job or career has increased. In some cases, key skills or credentials are particularly scarce, so the pay ranges for these roles have increased significantly. Do your homework to find out what you are worth.

Popular wisdom suggests that you shouldn’t change companies for less than a 20-30% increase. Also, think about today’s compensation, but also tomorrow’s revenue growth. When evaluating a new job, ask employers what the signing bonuses are, salary progression, and what you can expect in terms of regular pay increases.

One word of caution: don’t take salary as your only criteria for a new job. The income can be exhilarating, but you should also consider your suitability for the culture, the job content, the leaders you will be working with and the colleagues you will have the opportunity to learn with. There are many factors that contribute to your happiness at work. Remember that wages are only one of them.

Remote work and flexible work

One of the most recent considerations for your career choices is where you will be working and what hours you will be working. Increasingly, employers are providing flexibility in these areas to attract and retain in this tight job market. ManpowerGroup found that 39% of employers offer more flexible working hours and 28% offer more flexible workplaces. A study by Atlas of 420 decision-makers found that 95% of companies believed that part of their workforce would work remotely, full-time or part-time. Additionally, companies predicted that one third of their workforce would work entirely remotely and ¼ would work in a hybrid model.

Remote and hybrid working arrangements are increasingly in demand from employees. The Elements study found that searches for “jobs performed remotely” increased 114% between February 202 and July 2021. And the Monster study found that 69% of employees who do not work remotely today They are considering changing jobs if a new job would offer the possibility of working remotely.

According to Scott Gutz, CEO of Monster, “… the world has changed in 18 months. Employees have changed their approach to work-life balance and the relative importance of being in an office versus a home office. And according to Harper, “It is clear that people have been changed by the pandemic and have higher expectations of their employer to align with their values, enable a work-life mix and positively contribute to our communities. . ”

Career involvement: You will likely have more and more opportunities to find your way around your area. Think about how and where you like to work, and look for choices and options with your employer. You may be able to move to a new area or community and do work that would not have been available before. Or you may be able to tailor your schedule to strike the right balance between the rewards for your work and the rewards for activities outside of work (kids, family, volunteering, etc.).

See flexible working as one aspect of the overall benefits of your career choice. Additionally, consider how much you will want to be face-to-face with colleagues to build your relationships and be present in the organization to ensure visibility and future growth in your career.

In sum

Now is the time to develop your career in the way that is most meaningful to you. Whether it’s more growth and flexibility, higher pay and improved training, the opportunities are great. The “fresh air effect” suggests that something new may seem ideal, and the grass may appear greener in the next role. But consider everything you love and have invested in your current success before you take the plunge. Chances are there are plenty of new alternatives to choose from, and it might be time for a stretch, a fresh start, or a new adventure in your career path, in your current organization or in a new one.

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