Critical Race Theory Should Be Banned in K-12 Schools


Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Board Members (left to right): Christopher Arend, Board Chair; Chris Bausch, Clerk of the Council; Jim Reed; Lance Gannon; Tim Gearhart; Dorian Boulanger; and Nathan Williams.

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You’ve heard of Critical Race Theory (CRT) before. He migrated from liberal law schools over 20 years ago and is now well established on college campuses, particularly in the arts.

It may be happening in our K-12 schools and parents need to be aware of its divisive and destructive nature.

If you are white, your fifth grade child might come home soon and tell you that you are racist, that our society is corrupt, and that your undeserved privileges, such as wealth, should be redistributed to people of color as a gift. repair.

The Paso Robles School District has banned the teaching of Critical Race Theory and good for them. Other local districts would be well advised to follow their example.

CRT argues that American society should be viewed in groups based on skin color and this group identity supersedes all others.

He claims that whites are unknowingly racist and that racism is “systemic” – meaning it is ingrained in our history and our national institutions, laws and economic system and so on today.

CRT claims we started out as a white racist country with slavery at its heart and despite civil war with over 350,000 dead Union soldiers who gave their lives to end the institution and with many Current national and state laws prohibiting discrimination, we remain so today.

As proof, CRT points out that there are still differences – quantified by wealth, income, health and other measures – in the results of the groups. Moreover, these disparate results are not caused by the actions or attitudes of each group, but by the inherent racism embedded in our society and our institutions.

All are false or distorted claims.

It’s important to note that the CRT and its cousins, the Black Lives Matter movement, and now, sadly, the NAACP, all adhere to this notion that we should only be viewed by our skin color. CRT has sadly forgotten the Martin Luther King adage “I dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Consider the claims of CRT. First, America is a racist society. My question is, compared to other countries, where does America rank? And why only consider racism? Is it okay to hate others because of their religion, gender or ethnicity, but not okay to hate by race? If yes, why?

Of course, there are people in the United States who are blatantly racist. We have 330 million people living here, so it’s easy to find these people, especially with the 24/7 news and internet. However, to compare, do we have, per capita, more or less racists than Mexico, Nigeria, China, Syria, France? Nowhere on a related CRT website is this question asked or answered.

Plus, much of the world would agree that the United States offers more freedom than many other countries. Witness the flow of immigrants to our southern border, literally risking their lives to enter America. They don’t see the United States as racist. What they see is freedom and opportunity.

CRT also claims that the case of endemic racism in the United States rests on disparate outcomes between races. The economist par excellence on this subject is Thomas sowell and he reminds us that “at no time in history and nowhere on the planet have the measurable results of two people been the same.”

In America, to use just one of many measures, if we group all households into just four groups, the United States Census Bureau tells us the following about median earnings (2019): Asian, $ 98,174; White, $ 76,057; Hispanic, $ 56,133 Black, $ 45,438. Is this evidence of discrimination by whites?

First, whites have clearly done a bad job of discriminating against Asians.

Remember how we threw most of the Japanese living on America’s West Coast into internment camps at the start of WWII, confiscated their property and made their lives mischievous for decades? Yet, according to the Pew Research Center, the median household income of Japanese born in the US was $ 88,840 in 2019.

Indians born in the United States – who earned a median income of $ 104,000 in 2019 – also somehow escaped white prejudices. Ditto for the Chinese, despite the legal restrictions of all kinds imposed on them until the middle of the twentieth century; the median income of Chinese Americans was $ 100,000 in 2019.

The fundamental reasons for the inferior results of blacks born in the United States are three main factors: single parent families, education and crime.

Here is one of my favorite sayings. If you were born into a two-parent household, finish high school, have no criminal record, get married, and stay married, you are virtually guaranteed to join the middle class in America, which, we have to admit, is the upper class in most countries. the world.

The claim that black Americans suffer from the legacy of slavery and discrimination is pure speculation. If you imagine that you, as a white person, continue to discriminate against those of a different color, stop doing it. And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t tell if you are.

Perhaps the most destructive element of CRT is the idea that black people have no power, no control over their own lives. It’s a warped belief system that fuels the concept of an inability to move forward in life unless someone else acts differently.

Parents, imagine someone telling your child that they are failing and will remain so until someone else acts in a different, ill-defined way. Wouldn’t you like to step in and tell your kid that he can do whatever he wants, become who he wants in America?

Critical race theory is a set of beliefs; a bit like a religion. It is not based on facts but on conjecture. Yet it is more and more accepted within our society and our schools and parents must prepare to fight.

To make sure it doesn’t make it to your child’s school, act now.

Contributing columnist Gordon Mullin is a graduate of SLO High grad and has a degree in economics from the University of British Columbia. Among the forty jobs he has held in his life – including banker, carpenter, investment planner – he says the taxi driver fits his character the best.

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