CyberWire and CyberVista merge to form “news-to-knowledge” network

Today, a new team is taking on the cybersphere with a fresh approach, thanks to the merger of a podcast network and a cyber training company.

audio network Cyber ​​Wire and training program CyberVista will merge to create a so-called “news-to-knowledge” network, the duo announced. The combined company will be known as N2K Networks.

Cyber ​​Wire CEO Peter Kilpe will become CEO of N2K while CyberVista CEO Simone Petrella will be its president. The newly merged company is backed by a $5.4 million Series A, led by Graham Holdings Company with the participation of Data Tribewhich the pair also announced with the jumpsuit.

Petrella, whose company is focused on building the cyber pipeline, said she was eager to create a combined company with Kilpe after noticing a need for constant learning across the cyber domain.

“It’s become very clear throughout our history that learning and knowing doesn’t stop once you complete a certain course,” Petrella said. Technically. “There’s this need, especially in the cybersecurity industry, to constantly stay on top of trends, the threat landscape, what’s going on in the industry.

On the other hand, Kilpe also noticed that many listeners weren’t just interested in staying in the know, but wanted to learn about the industry. So, together, they decided to create N2K, which will be “an umbrella that houses brands” including a media component coupled with education and professional training. Given the constant need for new talent, Kilpe said he hopes N2K will help build the pipeline.

“Because we have recognized that people are truly media educated, we have this opportunity to not only learn the skills they need, but also to move them up the knowledge curve and keep them there with a lifelong learning experience,” Kilpe said.

With the funds, the company plans to expand the team, create additional multimedia and educational content, and expand its technology and platform. Leaders of the original companies have yet to set specific headquarters (CyberVista is based in Rosslyn, Va., while CyberWire is in Fulton, Maryland), but said they would pursue a hybrid model. The combined company will have around 60 employees, with plans to reach 70 or 80 next year.

Overall, Kilpe is confident that the new business will be strong and resilient and will meet a local need.

“Being able to have the power, this data-driven education training piece of CyberVista, will allow us to add to that experience that people are already getting on the audio side,” Kilpe said.


Norma A. Roth