DigiGyan plans to disrupt e-learning and traditional learning with new interactive courses

Online learning is the new normal, gone are the days when learning new skills and earning money meant spending months or years in boring classrooms. Now you can learn skills like digital marketing, social media marketing, and search engine marketing, all from the comfort of your own home.

DigiGyan is one of those breakthrough startups that puts the power of digital learning in your hands. DigiGyan focuses on non-traditional learning and primarily focuses on digital marketing. The current CEO and Founder of the company, Mr. Yashvardhan Sharma, who is one of the top digital marketers in India, says that DigiGyan is the first to come up with a platform that mainly focuses on teaching the digital marketing to young people.

The company also caters to all the learning that the current generation needs. At DigiGyan, students can gain in-depth knowledge of Metaverse, CryptoCurrency, NFT, and more. The courses are designed by experts who have dedicated over a decade to the digital world and are designed to provide valuable learning that can ensure a substantial income and growth opportunity for students.

The course content is regularly updated with all the latest developments in the respective fields. You can always head to their expert support team available 24/7 to resolve your doubts and queries. What makes DigiGyan so unique is its modern approach to digital marketing methods; you can take digital marketing courses from countless other websites online, but the experience that comes with courses trained by DigiGyan experts is unmatched.

Yashvardhan Sharma has high ambitions and will also interact with students throughout the course. The digital marketing courses will even include physical workshops and meet India’s top social media influencers and celebrities who will provide insight into the industry.

The DigiGyan team has worked tirelessly to make the courses affordable for everyone. The startup is based in central India but aims to cater to the needs of students around the world. “DigiGyan will be the next big thing in the e-learning space,” adds Yashvardhan. DigiGyan is ready to go big in the online learning space worldwide, and there is nothing holding them back from that.

Norma A. Roth