Digital twin technology in student education

What does it take to make this possible?

To make this future a possibility, the entire education sector will need to mobilize to be innovative.

First, invest in global digital literacy, this way new learners can always engage in this new world in a safe way. Then all students and educational institutions will need a high quality internet connection. This will need to be supported by the arrival of unlimited connectivity to help create a platform for new concepts such as XR, the Internet of Senses, and cloud-based AI. The emergence of these immersive experiences will require a network computational structure that will bring processing to the edge. For teachers and learners to collaborate in real time within these experiences, ultra-low latency will be required.

For online education to be effective and widespread, security is paramount. Therefore, networks will only work if they are reliable, secure and trustworthy, which means that the privacy and data of any learner is protected.

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Norma A. Roth