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Kurt T. Dirks, Vice Chancellor for International Affairs and Director of the McDonnell International Scholars Academy at Washington University in St. Louis, has been named Director of the George and Carol Bauer Leadership Center and Senior Advisor to the Chancellor for Leadership, effective July 1, according to Chancellor Andrew D. Martin and Provost Beverly Wendland.

“As our strategic planning process comes to an end, we are looking closely at how best to support our highest strategic priorities at the university level,” Martin said. “One theme that clearly emerged was our desire to educate and develop the next generation of leaders. Through our Bauer Leadership Center and other flagship programs, we develop leaders who will make a positive, principled difference in the world.

“There is no better person to lead this charge for us than Kurt Dirks. A skilled academic and administrator, Kurt brings the right combination of insight and expertise to this role. call to assume leadership of the Bauer Leadership Center and to serve as a special advisor to our broader efforts in the leadership space across the university.

Dirks, who is also a professor of leadership at Bank of America, has been in his current role since 2018. During that time, he led McDonnell Academy in recruiting top scholars from the United States and around the world to pursue careers. higher education and professional degrees. at the University of Washington for careers as future world leaders. He also taught a McDonnell Scholars Leadership Seminar, which he will continue to attend in his new role.

“We are fully committed to our global enterprise, and the work of McDonnell Academy is critical to our success as a world-class, world-class research and higher education institution,” Wendland said. “We are exceptionally proud of the academy and see it as an integral part of our strategy to facilitate open collaboration and engagement with scholarship and prospects around the world. This work goes hand in hand with our mission to develop strong leaders with a global perspective, and we are fortunate to have Kurt Dirks to leverage his expertise for the benefit of our students and the institution as a whole. With his new appointment, we are poised to launch our leadership and our global businesses into the future on parallel paths to greatness and distinction.

A search will begin this spring to find a new executive director for McDonnell Academy. The position will be realigned to report to the Office of the Provost, under Vice Rector for Higher Education Vijay Ramani, whose role will be expanded to that of Vice Rector for Higher Education and International Affairs. Ramani served as a McDonnell Academy Ambassador for the Indian Institute of Technology and will build on that experience as he expands his role.

“I am thrilled to lead WashU’s international programs and partnerships,” said Ramani. “Having a global perspective is a central guiding principle of our next strategic plan. I look forward to working closely with the university leadership and with our students, faculty, staff, and international partners to continue and expand our momentum on the global stage.

“It has truly been a privilege to serve as Principal of McDonnell Academy. I have loved the time spent working with our scholars, our team, and the many faculty who are truly dedicated to the program,” Dirks said. Over the past few years we have developed and improved the program and I know the next leader will take the academy to its next level of success.

“As I turn my attention to my new role leading the Bauer Leadership Center and providing strategic direction for the university’s leadership enterprise, I will focus on the role of leadership in inspiring others to make a positive difference in society, to use their individual talents, ideas and passions to accomplish more than they could on their own.I believe that an essential element for leaders is to win and deserve the trust of others. This is the principle on which the Bauer Leadership Center was founded, inspired by George and Carol Bauer, who are themselves exemplary leaders. I look forward to getting to work to advance their vision of center as a place that champions values-based leadership.

“Carol and I are delighted with this new appointment,” said George Bauer. “What a pleasure to welcome Kurt Dirks back as director of the Bauer Leadership Center. This is particularly important because of its expanded role of working with the Chancellor to explore leadership education across the undergraduate population.

“Kurt’s academic work on trust in managerial relationships is so important at a time when so many of our leaders and institutions are losing the trust of their constituents,” Carol Bauer added. “We believe that his work, his experience teaching values ​​and data-driven leadership at Olin, and his recent experience in international leadership make him an ideal selection for this role. We couldn’t be happier.”

Based at Olin Business School, the Bauer Leadership Center was established in 2016 with a $5 million commitment from longtime University of Washington benefactors George and Carol Bauer. The center’s mission is to develop capable, character-driven leaders who are equipped to make a positive, principled difference in their organizations, communities, and society at large. Dirks and Stuart Bunderson, George & Carol Bauer Professor of Organizational Ethics and Governance, were the centre’s first co-directors and Bunderson has served as its sole director since 2018. Bunderson is leaving his post and taking a leave of absence from the university to lead young adult volunteers in South America.

The McDonnell International Scholars Academy was founded in 2005 as a global partnership of leading academic institutions united to provide academic and professional education to prepare future global leaders. Scholars are selected on the basis of their promise to become future leaders in academia, government, the professions or the corporate sector.

Norma A. Roth