Educational institutions should rely on experience of online courses: JK chief secretary

Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir, AK Mehta, said on Monday that educational institutions should build on the experience of online courses and adopt an ideal mix of offline education programs based on the computing to stimulate student learning.

Students resumed offline classes on Monday in many districts of Jammu region after authorities ordered a phased reopening of educational institutions across the union territory.

Students in grades 9 to 12, dressed in uniforms and carrying vaccination certificates, were seen crowding schools in the morning, officials said.

Mehta, who chaired a meeting to take stock of arrangements for the reopening of educational institutions and the resumption of offline mode of teaching at UT, said the 2022-23 academic session will be the year education transformation for Jammu and Kashmir.

Mehta asked officials to ensure proper maintenance, upkeep and cleanliness in educational facilities, in addition to electricity and water.

“There is a need for institutions to build on the experience of online courses and adopt an ideal mix of computer-based offline education programs to improve student learning outcomes and successfully train them in national level exams,” he said.

He stressed that headteachers will be personally responsible for managing Covid and a healthy teaching environment. “There should be no tolerance for unhealthy activities in places of learning.” signs of infection, especially in unvaccinated students, in addition to ensuring compliance with the Covid management protocol.

Mehta asked university vice-chancellors, college principals and school leaders to submit Covid prevention and mitigation plans taking into account classroom capacity, staggered teaching plan, Covid protocol, vaccination, screening and emergency SoP within two days, according to an official statement. .

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Norma A. Roth