Essequibo E-learning teachers fail in their duties to teachers

Mr. Editor,

Please leave some space for me in your letter column to highlight the abnormalities on my face and that of other middle school teachers on a daily basis. Our teachers consider the E-Learning system to be a hide-and-seek profession and we, the teachers, suffer the consequences. Cyril Potter College of Education is a higher education institution and its main campus is in Turkey with additional training sessions at Anna Regina. “It provides a coordinated and integrated approach to formal teacher training in Guyana. Effectively and efficiently train teachers capable of working in preschool, primary and secondary schools in Guyana. Provide opportunities for teacher educators to engage in independent or collaborative research and professional development activities, and capacity building of paraprofessionals.

Teachers in initial and in-service training suffer from the poor performance of teachers attached to Region # 2, Essequibo Center. Lecturers fail in their duty to organize online sessions or meetings with teachers, who are present for training. If they host a meeting, whether it’s through Google Meeting, Zoom, or some other platform, they hardly ever attend class. And at the end of the term or semester, we have a final exam to take whether we’ve been taught or not, and we’re supposed to get a passing grade of 50%. Shouldn’t this be unacceptable to us as teachers? In addition, it seems that our professors have no say any more, and we are supposed to tolerate this behavior on the part of our dear lecturers. Our Department of Education is aware of this behavior. Our directors in service and in initial formation at the college are sitting with their hands folded and their feet flat on this question. These lecturers are paid one of the highest salaries in the education industry, yet they fall short of expectations.

About 60% of the teachers attached to the Anna Regina Center suffer; official figures confirm what we all know, that the cost of living is now rising faster than it has been for some time. And with the information gathered from a survey of teachers in Cinderella County, 65% of teachers do not even have internet service installed in their homes, while those with internet service must do so. unreliable service experience. Many teachers have no choice but to activate monthly data plans just to be part of the online courses, which have been in effect since 2020, due to the pandemic. Many teachers have made and continue to make sacrifices, just to be part of the lessons and lecturing sessions. Teachers-in-training do not receive a perfect salary, but their priority is to seek additional jobs to generate additional income to purchase data plans and materials for academic work, for example, learning materials. , etc. to support themselves. Unfortunately, although many will argue that online learning is more effective and sustainable, I disagree, especially in other areas or villages along the Essequibo Coast and the Pomeroon River, and in those areas. backcountry areas where internet connection is a major problem.

And again, teachers don’t appreciate the time and sacrifices of teachers doing their best to be a part of these online courses. For a period of a month and more, the linguistics teacher attached to the Anna Regina Training Center stopped sending all work, for no reason. The teachers in service of the first year (primary) have never received a link for the online courses in the above course, and as we all know linguistics is very difficult; without lectures or discussions with the teacher, it is very difficult for teachers to cope with the lesson. English fluency also had similar problems with the assigned lecturer for the primary before and on duty. During a period of approximately 10 weeks, the specialized English lecturer gave or kept only one Google Meet session, with a duration of 5 hours out of 20 hours. With these figures, it is clear that our speakers are sleeping in broad daylight.


(Name and address provided)

Norma A. Roth