`Experienced retired teachers will be engaged as Shikshak Saathi

In order to prepare the youth of the state for the challenges of the future through better education, the government has decided to hire the services of experienced retired teachers as ‘Shikshak Saathi’.

These fellow teachers will mentor children in Primary, Upper Primary and Kasturba schools run by the Basic Education Board of Uttar Pradesh. With the aim of promoting the quality of education in public schools, it is initiated on the instructions of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in line with the intention of the Prime Minister under the Vidyanjali scheme run by the Government of India. Under this, preference will be given to retired teachers and state and president’s award winners in the selection. With this decision by the state government, not only primary and upper primary school children will benefit from learning from experienced teachers, but experienced teachers will also have the opportunity to serve by joining the government.

The objective of this device is to improve the educational work in schools with the help of volunteers. So, in an effort to provide additional academic support in the schools, it was decided to conduct cooperative supervision of the schools through volunteer retired council teachers (Shikshak Saathi).

The government has also issued a mandate to this effect and ordered all district magistrates to ensure that the information is made available to the state project office within one month of selection. of the partner teacher.

Only retired teachers will be selected as journeyperson teachers who will have at least five years of teaching experience as an assistant or principal in a primary or communal primary school. Only teachers will be permitted for this work, who are prepared to become journeyman teachers until the age of 70.

Their main task will be to provide collaborative supervision to schools and to improve learning in children in relation to learning outcomes. Apart from that, no other work will be taken away from them.

At present, their number is not fixed and all eligible and interested candidates can be included.

The tenure of the teacher will be one year. Appointment will be renewed annually after approval by the district selection committee based on the performance evaluation. The authorized mobility allowance will be payable at the rate of Rs 2,500 per month to each teacher. No other allowance or honorarium will be granted.

After selection, the partner teacher will take charge of the district project office. The allocation of development blocks based on need will be made by the district selection committee after an evaluation by block.

The partner teacher must submit the action plan and the tour program for the following month to the district basic education officer and the director of the DIET (District Institute for Education and Training) of here on the 28th through district coordinator training.

At least 30 schools will receive online supportive supervision each month through the Prerna app. Children and parents will be motivated to use the Diksha and Read Along app. Children’s prayer meeting, seating arrangement, use of timetable, children’s parliament, Meena Manch, library, sports activities, observation and model teaching will be demonstrated.

Norma A. Roth