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Enhanced artificial intelligence and machine learning functions allow users to gain more benefit from an accurate stock selection and investment decision in the Hong Kong and US stock markets

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – September 24, 2021 – Finetic, a Hong Kong-based smart stock selection and investment education platform, has developed its own AI-assisted investment analysis system, which provides a weekly selection of quality stocks in major global markets, including Hong Kong. Kong, China and the United States. The selection is made through a machine learning analysis of the most recent data from approximately 2,500 Hong Kong listed companies, in conjunction with technical analysis as well as an examination of a unique combination of factors affecting the performance of shares of the society.

HO Man Ho, Percival, Founder and CEO of Finetic

Finetic’s automatic selection process helps users avoid emotional decision-making and speed up the investment search process, thereby contributing to a more profitable outcome in equity investing. Given the unpredictability of the stock market, it takes a long time for individual investors to develop and practice their investment skills. Finetic also offers educational tools and tips that can simplify the learning curve and further increase the return on investment.

Improved system and algorithm restart

Mr. Ho Man-ho, Percival, Founder of Finetic and an experienced investor, created a stock analysis program known as Percival Core (the “System”) in 2005. The system collected, analyzed and quantified the basic and technical (price / volume) data of all Hong Kong stocks. The result of the process is a selection of “high growth stocks”, which have a solid foundation and technical characteristics (high potential in substantial price spikes). The system has recently been enhanced with AI components enabling analysis of even more data and correlations as well as self-learning for better investment results. In addition to data analysis, enhancements allow pattern recognition (including cup-and-handle, double-bottom, and flat-bottomed models), giving users referrals for research and strategy execution. specific investment.

Percival said that thanks to the system, he has been able to maintain his capital strength for investing in stocks over the past 16 years and has successfully avoided the impacts of the 2008 financial crisis. Considering the performance of Percival Core, Beginning in 2018, Percival began licensing system-generated stock picking results, then known as Amelia and Swing, to third-party distributors. At the start of 2021, Percival stopped conceding the results to third parties due to differences in the terms of cooperation.

However, many users still wanted the stock picking results. In response to popular demand, Percival founded Finetic Ltd., a new intelligent stock picking platform through which the Percival Core system was relaunched to the market in May 2021. In addition to the technical design and improvements of user experience, an investor education component directly overseen by Percival has been added to better enable users to earn profits by investing in quality and profitable stocks.

Finetic Chief of Staff Virginia Chan said “The Sunday Club webinars hosted by Percival on the platform are well received by our members. At events, members can learn the basics of equity investing through sharing experience and insights from Percival. Participants can also answer their questions related to investments.

Improved functions to optimize the accuracy of stock selection

Finetic further improved the system by introducing a “reinforcement learning” algorithm – creating a complex environment for the AI ​​system to nurture its capacity for self-learning in the volatile stock market. Percival also outfitted Finetic with a “supercomputer” (data science workstation) costing over $ 25,000 to train the AI ​​system to better perform stock selection. The “Reinforcement learning” algorithm has the capacity to surpass its designer and its ideation.

By receiving AI-recognized “rewards” whenever Percival Core identifies good deeds, AI learns from its actions. Through simulated trades and a history of stock selections that experience soaring prices, the system begins to self-learn and uncover the required parameters of stocks with explosive growth potential.

Finetic is currently applying this cutting edge technology to finding buy and sell points of stocks and is nearing the final testing phase. Once finalized, Percival Core will be able to find stocks with growth potential as well as their best buying and selling points, which will significantly increase the chances of a positive ROI. The successful deployment of this technology will also provide Finetic with more favorable conditions and benefits to expand into the B2B market.

In November, Finetic will participate in Fintech Week 2021, co-hosted by Hong Kong Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau and InvestHK. At the exhibition, Finetic will present a range of products and services, as well as artificial intelligence pattern recognition technology. This will be an opportunity for finance professionals and the investing public to learn more about Finetic’s technologies and business development.

Looking to enter the international market

The Percival Core engine has seen continuous improvements since 2005, resisting many market shocks including the 2008 financial crisis and COVID-19. Finetic prides itself on growing in Hong Kong’s well-regulated and organized financial sector, and is keen to use its experience to serve other international markets.

“Finetic has a comprehensive and efficient stock selection system for the Hong Kong, Chinese and US stock markets. Its offerings include a comprehensive list of quality stock picks, market analysis and tools for investors. In the future, it plans to further expand its offerings and global audience. Stock picking services for different countries / regions such as Taiwan, Singapore and UK will be launched thereafter in short succession. “

About Finetic

Finetic was founded in March 2021 as a provider of stock picking services and investor education center delivering “simple but powerful” solutions to investors. “Finetic” connotes the combination of “Fintech”, “Kinetic” and “Fanatic” (Percival’s energy and passion for investing in stocks). Finetic’s stock lists and tools are designed to help investors save time, simplify the investment process, make it easier to select quality stocks and increase success rates. Whether you are a new or seasoned investor, you can reap the rewards of the unpredictable stock market.



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About the Founder and CEO of Finetic

Percival Ho, Founder and CEO of Finetic, graduated in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Hong Kong and holds a Masters in Information Engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Dean’s Recognition List) . Percival first worked as a computer programmer at a large bank and became interested in investing in stocks. He began to use computer programs to aid in stock selection and took a number of courses in technical analysis of stock market investments, including training from William O’Neil, a renowned stock broker and writer. in the USA. He then went on to study Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Computing) at the University of Birmingham and obtained a Masters degree with first class honors.

In 2005, he created Percival Core, a stock selection system. Since then, he has been working tirelessly on the research and development of the system’s AI-assisted stock selection module, which combines cutting-edge AI technology and investment techniques.


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