FLOWSPARKS teams up with GuyKat in a new global partnership

We are extremely proud of our partnership with GuyKat to empower our customers by giving them access to the most advanced digital learning environment. We can rely on each other to not only deliver best-in-class learning products, but we also strive to deliver the best customer service.

FLOWSPARKS is a cloud-based e-learning software suite offering standard learning formats that already include technical, graphical and instructional design aspects, which makes the solution unique in the world. Winner of the Brandon Hall Gold Medal Award for Best Advance in Content Creation Technology in 2021, FLOWSPARKS has been adopted by more than 1,600 companies in more than 150 countries since its international launch in 2017.

GuyKat has extensive experience in supporting international clients in designing their digital learning journeys and offers a learning management system to host and deliver this learning content. In the FLOWSPARKS platform, and in particular in the integrated authoring tool, they have found an efficient way to deal with the increasing complexity of their customers’ learning needs. This partnership will allow GuyKat to offer its customers an intuitive platform to create their own content based on solid instructional design. GuyKat will continue to offer bespoke end-to-end content creation as a core offering. However, more and more organizations want to bring their content creation in-house, and FLOWSPARKS fills that gap. Clients benefit from fast, low-cost access to a wide range of learning options coupled with GuyKat’s expertise in all aspects of the project lifecycle.

A shared mission to excel

Cédric Herregodts, Commercial Director of FLOWSPARKS, said: “We are extremely proud of our partnership with GuyKat and our shared mission to empower our customers by giving them access to the most advanced digital learning environment. We can rely on each other to not only deliver best-in-class learning products, but we also strive to deliver the best customer service. »

GuyKat CEO and Founder Guy McEvoy says, “We are delighted to help bring FLOWSPARKS to the UK and US. There are great intuitive authoring tools out there, but what we love about FLOWSPARKS is that it forces the user to add proven instructional design thinking to the content. Beautiful design without instructional design is just a feast for the eyes. It is instructional design that ensures learning has impact. We haven’t seen any other authoring solution that incorporates these tips. This changes things.

International ambitions

After rapid progress in its home countries of Belgium and the Netherlands, FLOWSPARKS is also accelerating its international market positioning by working with local learning partners in each region. In line with this growth strategy, the company has implemented an extensive partnership program in which it offers resellers personalized support. This support covers helping to close business deals, resolving IT issues and responding quickly to ad-hoc customer questions. The addition of GuyKat to the FLOWSPARKS partner community will certainly give a big boost to its international growth ambitions.

“Bringing a company of GuyKat’s stature into our partner program marks another milestone for our business,” says Vincent Blommaert, Channel Manager of FLOWSPARKS. “We’ve worked hard to create a compelling software platform and partner program for our channel partners to enable them to tackle the most complex and dynamic projects. We are delighted to see our efforts rewarded by the addition of GuyKat to our partner base.


FLOWSPARKS is a flexible learning software platform that contains both an authoring tool and an LMS (learning management system). The company offers its customers flexibility and autonomy in the creation of digital training. Customers have full control over the creation, distribution and maintenance of their online training. The authoring tool is the heart of FLOWSPARKS and gives users all the necessary elements to create interactive digital trainings. The authoring tool is filled with so-called learning formats, smart templates, and smart programs. These are predefined templates that assist users with the didactic, graphical and technical aspects of creating e-learning courses. For every possible learning objective, one of these models offers the perfect solution.



GuyKat, slogan ‘Beyond eLearning‘, is an award-winning solution provider. Working with some of the most prestigious brands in the world, our consultants craft engaging content and create intuitive learning platforms. Based in Birmingham, UK, with an office in Tampa, USA, GuyKat has deployed localized solutions in over 50 countries. The content team strives to “make complex information simple”. The platform team strives to make content easy to access. Our customers engage with us as a “partner” rather than a “supplier”.


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