Game Studio Behind Fortnite, Mortal Kombat, Halo Opens Fitzroy Base

Global game development company Keywords Studios PLC establishes its first Center of Excellence in Fitzroy.

In July 2021, the Irish company established its Australian presence in Fitzroy and Keywords Studios will set up its center of excellence in the same suburb, creating 100 jobs and new opportunities for its existing workforce of over 120 people.

Keywords Studios partners with video game companies to provide end-to-end game development services on iconic titles such as Fortnite, Mortal Kombat, League of Legends and Halo.

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The Center of Excellence will boost Victoria’s thriving game development industry using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology gained through its acquisition of Melbourne-based developer Mighty Games. The technology is speeding up the testing of user choices and actions in games, websites, and software.

This comes around Melbourne International Games Week, the largest congregation of professional and mainstream games in the Asia-Pacific region.

According to Australia’s leading games body, the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association, Victoria is the national leader in digital games and home to over 170 studios, representing over 55% of Australia’s digital games workforce. .

The company enjoys successful collaborations with Activision, Tencent, Riot Games, Ubisoft, Iron Source, Microsoft, Sony, Epic Games, Bethesda, Warner Bros, Electronic Arts and Nintendo.

“Melbourne is a center of technology excellence, a fact that is both underscored and reinforced by the investments made by world leaders like Keywords Studios,” said Economic Development Minister Tim Pallas.

“We will continue to support growth in key sectors that create great jobs and expand our innovation landscape.”

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Norma A. Roth