GIGXR SECURES INVESTMENT FROM PERMANENT DOCTORS OF THE NORTHWEST ENTITY: PERMANENT HEALTH CARE VENTURES (aka SIDNEY): Enters Content Partnership to Develop Mixed Reality Simulation Training for Cardiac Emergencies | News

LOS ANGELES and PORTLAND, Oregon–(BUSINESS WIRE)–January 14, 2022–

GigXR, a global provider of extended reality (XR) solutions for healthcare and clinical education, today announced that it has secured a strategic investment and partnership with a subsidiary of Northwest Permanente PC, the largest group practice physician-led multispecialty in Oregon and SW Washington, to develop mixed reality (MR) teaching and training simulations for healthcare professionals and entry-level learners, starting with Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ALS). The subsidiary, Permanente Health Care Ventures, aka Sidney, will provide medical advice to GigXR to create state-of-the-art teaching and training simulations delivered through its XR solutions.

Today’s cardiac emergency training forces learners to use unrealistic rubber static dummies. The new training simulations co-created by Permanente Health Care Ventures aka Sidney and GigXR use mixed reality, which merges real-world physical environments with hyper-realistic digital elements, to present learners with holograms of realistic talking and walking patients “experimenting “cardiac arrest to interact with and practice lifesaving treatment in real time. Patient holograms can also be overlaid on any manikin to make practicing chest compressions or using a defibrillator even more realistic.

“Speed, accuracy and teamwork are key to providing lifesaving care during a cardiac emergency; the training must be of high quality for each person involved, individually and in groups. Conventional methods such as expensive mannequins cannot simulate the sense of urgency and teamwork of real-life BLS/ACLS – mixed reality adds both an incredible level of realism and collaboration to fill critical gaps in subject of training. By partnering with GigXR, we enable learners to practice real-time emergency care in the metaverse as they would as a medical professional in the hospital or even as a family member at home. . said Patricia Ramos, MD, MCRP, medical director of the Center for Innovative Medical Simulation and senior emergency physician at NWP.

The partnership between Permanente Health Care Ventures, aka Sidney and GigXR will drive the development of acute care simulations to expand GigXR’s catalog of hyper-realistic mixed reality training applications. By leveraging GigXR’s industry-leading technical expertise in creating holographic patient scenarios and the platform to deliver them, Permanente Health Care Ventures, aka Sidney, will unlock new and unprecedented access to patient training tools. realistic emergencies, guided by its elite team of medical experts.

Instructors will be able to use different modules to reinforce their skills, for example:

  • The first module will mimic task trainers for learning manual skills, such as hand placement and depth of compressions, ratio of compressions to breaths, and correct placement of defibrillator electrodes. With MR, training will have a holographic instructor who can help learners see exactly where to place their hands, show them exactly how deep compressions should go, and even give a real-time feed to the learner if they are performing the compressions correctly. techniques.
  • The second module will allow individual or group learners to apply the manual skills acquired in the first module in a hyper-realistic scenario in real time. For example, a team of users will interact with a holographic patient who progresses from chest pain to complete cardiac arrest requiring basic life support (BLS). The team will then have to work together in real time to perform manual chest compression techniques, check the pulse, use a defibrillator, etc.
  • The third module will be for healthcare professionals to practice Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) which will include a complex and ever-changing scenario with medications to be pushed, chest compressions, chest drains, and other advanced procedures.

This will be the first of many modules available to and through the physicians of Permanente Health Care Ventures, aka Sidney and its associated professional society of physicians and clinicians, Northwest Permanente’s global customer base and GigXR of nursing schools and medicine, university hospitals and high-educational institutions. Dr. Ramos and GigXR will also speak about the early development of these modules and the impact of mixed reality on training innovation at next week’s IMSH conference on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 4 p.m. PT of the Pacific.

“Teaching CPR using mixed reality dramatically improves the realism of scenarios, which helps learners better visualize and apply the training,” Ramos added. “Ultimately, it improves overall learning, knowledge retention and judgment to make them more confident and competent in real life. For a non-medical professional practicing in managing these scenarios, which can be incredibly intense and shocking, life-changing experiences for those suffering from a cardiac emergency outside of a hospital or clinical environment.For the healthcare professional, these MR experiences will enhance their acute care skills in the most hyper-realistic and safe environments.

With over 5.4 million people certified in CPR and many renewal protocols requiring annual refresher training, the partnership of Permanente Health Care Ventures (aka Sidney) to create new simulation training has the potential to make a positive impact. on millions of other people in need. It also meets the demand for enhanced realism, which is driving a forecast CAGR of 47.6% in the global mixed reality market from 2021 to 2026, and with medical and education requiring scalable global training resources, GigXR is a first class investment.

“The investment strategy of Permanente Health Care Ventures (aka Sidney) is unique – we look beyond return on investment to something I would describe as ‘return on results’,” said[DrMicahThorpDOpresidentPermanenteHealthCareVentures(akaSidney)”InvestirdansGigXRreprésentenotreengagementàaméliorerlesrésultatspournospatientsetlacommunautéausenslargeGigXRaconstruitl’infrastructurenécessairepoursoutenirlamondialisationdelaformationensoinsdesantédehautequalitéetréduirelesobstaclesauxressources-noussommesravisdenousjoindreàeuxpouraccélérerl’innovationetl’accèsauxsoinsdehautequalitépourlespatientsdedemain[DrMicahThorpDOPresidentPermanenteHealthCareVentures(akaSidney)”InvestinginGigXRrepresentsourcommitmenttoimprovingoutcomesforourpatientsandthelargercommunityGigXRhasbuilttheinfrastructuretosupporttheglobalizationofhigh-qualityhealthcaretrainingandlowerthebarrierstoresources-we’rethrilledtojointheminacceleratinginnovationandaccessfortomorrow’stop-qualitypatientcare'[DrMicahThorpDOprésidentPermanenteHealthCareVentures(aliasSidney)«InvestirdansGigXRreprésentenotreengagementàaméliorerlesrésultatspournospatientsetlacommunautéausenslargeGigXRaconstruitl’infrastructurenécessairepoursoutenirlamondialisationdelaformationensoinsdesantédehautequalitéetréduirelesobstaclesauxressources-noussommesravisdenousjoindreàeuxpouraccélérerl’innovationetl’accèsauxsoinsdehautequalitépourlespatientsdedemain[DrMicahThorpDOPresidentPermanenteHealthCareVentures(akaSidney)“InvestinginGigXRrepresentsourcommitmenttoimprovingoutcomesforourpatientsandthelargercommunityGigXRhasbuilttheinfrastructuretosupporttheglobalizationofhigh-qualityhealthcaretrainingandlowerthebarrierstoresources–we’rethrilledtojointheminacceleratinginnovationandaccessfortomorrow’stop-qualitypatientcare”

GigXR’s platform allows instructors wearing a Microsoft HoloLens headset to scale scenarios, move and add content, edit hologram patient vitals, and monitor all user actions in real time. The platform allows learners to use real-world or mixed-reality medical tools, listen to accurate sounds such as breathing and heart rate, and view patient records on screen. Additionally, GigXR’s platform extends accessibility so that users can view all of these scenarios in real time with mobile devices such as any iOS and Android device that supports augmented reality (AR).

“We are honored to partner with Permanente Health Care Ventures (aka Sidney),” said David King Lassman, Founder and CEO of GigXR. “Their multi-specialty expertise will allow us to create the most accurate and robust acute care content possible, while the investment not only fuels our rapid growth, but also our deep knowledge of the sector. At GigXR, we are building the mixed reality training tools and platform as rapidly as vital medical training needs evolve – this partnership is an important step in the globalization of vital technology to support it.

GigXR and Permanente Health Care Ventures (aka Sidney) plan to launch the holographic simulations later this year. For more information about GigXR, visit or email [email protected] For more information on Permanente Health Care Ventures aka Sidney, contact [email protected]

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GigXR is a provider of reality learning (XR) systems for instructor-led teaching and training that improve learning outcomes for medical and nursing schools, hospitals and higher education and the Ministry of Defence. GigXR’s immersive learning system includes a growing catalog of mixed reality applications that run on a robust platform, designed to overcome the limitations of conventional 2D learning resources, placing realistic 3D simulations and teaching tools in a collaborative physical space using the Microsoft HoloLens 2.

GigXR’s flagship products, HoloPatient and HoloHuman, use volumetric video capture and hyperrealistic 3D models to create safe environments in which medical and nursing students can practice vital diagnostic, communication and reasoning skills clinical. GigXR is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with global customers on five continents. To learn more about GigXR, visit

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Permanente Health Care Ventures (PHCV), (aka Sidney), drives innovation in the practice of medicine and the delivery of 21st century healthcare solutions. A subsidiary of Northwest Permanente, PC, the largest independent group of multispecialty physicians in Oregon and Southwest Washington, PHCV is committed to advancing the holistic health of the patients, people, and communities they serve.

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