Hybrid program to help busy students graduate quickly

TSC offers a new path for its students called the TSC Beyond program, which gives students the opportunity to earn an Associate’s Degree in General Studies in less than two years. Courtesy Image
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BROWNSVILLE, Texas – Adult learners looking for a college degree path that goes beyond a traditional Monday-Friday schedule will have a new option at Texas Southmost College starting in Spring 2022 with the TSC Beyond program.

Through the TSC Beyond program, adult learners will be able to earn an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies in less than two years, using a hybrid classroom model, with in-person learning offered on Saturdays and online components accessible at any time.

“The TSC Beyond program is designed to help more students achieve a university degree by providing an option that better adapts to the complex schedules that adult learners often have on weekdays,” said David Pearse, Dean of Professions in TSC Health and Director of TSC Beyond. “The goal is student completion, and that’s why we’re excited to introduce this new program. “

The first courses included in the TSC Beyond program, which will begin in January 2022, are: Composition I, United States History I, Introduction to Sociology and United States History II. New classes will be added in the following semesters.

Each course lasts eight weeks and the courses are taken two at a time. Students starting classes in January will graduate by August 2023.

“With a program comprised of 75% online and 25% in-person learning, students at TSC Beyond will have the best of both worlds,” said Pearse. “They will be able to access the majority of the course content 24/7, and every Saturday they will have in-person lessons, which will help build a support network of instructors and their peers.”

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The TSC Beyond network will be further strengthened as students enroll in courses as a cohort.

“Students won’t go through this process alone,” said Pearse. “There will be no surprises. Each student will know exactly when to finish, what classes they need and what is expected of them.

As part of the TSC Beyond program, students will also have access to all TSC services and resources such as library, computer labs, tutoring, counseling and career services.

“TSC Beyond has been in the works for a long time,” he said. “It will change the lives of many in our community. ”

Registrations for spring 2022 are underway. For more information on TSC Beyond, or to register, visit tsc.edu or call 956-295-3753.

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