Kenya’s EduOnline e-learning platform aims to be accessible to all

Online courses have become even more common in 2020 after the onset of the pandemic. Many schools in Kenya and around the world have some form or platforms of fully-fledged online learning to fill the gaps in physical learning, which as said has accelerated over the past two years.

Locally, such solutions exist, and one of them is called EduOnline. This newly launched platform is operated by LianzSly. According to a statement from the organization, EduOnline is an affordable online learning platform that seeks to meet the needs of students, parents and schools by providing innovative and unique online learning experiences.

It has been around since the start of the pandemic. It allows students to enroll on a PC or mobile device. By doing so, students can access an unlimited number of online learning resources and materials, including notes, review papers, self-correction quizzes, and creative articles, to name but a few. some.

The platform also allows learners to track their performance via a dashboard. The dashboard also contains additional information related to their performance, which can help them see areas for improvement.

The platform is also designed to address parents’ concerns about online safety by giving parents/guardians the ability to create an account to track their child’s online learning progress as well as limit interactions with students of the same level – declaration of EduOnline.

EduOnline does not reveal how many students it has onboarded so far, but claims the numbers are good.

Additionally, its school finder tool creates online directories for schools to post their profiles to increase visibility and growth while helping schools reduce costs for maintaining each school’s websites.

“Unlike other e-learning platforms, EduOnline caters to the emotional needs of the learner through its interactive dashboard that students can use to share experiences, creative articles, and ask and answer research questions. other learners on the platform on topics of mutual interest,” said Alex Adoro, Founder of LianzSly.

Norma A. Roth