KU Macquarie Fields recognized as excellent, standing out with Marte Meo’s approach

KU Macquarie Fields Preschoollocated in New South Wales, was rated Excellent by ACECQAthe highest score that a service can obtain under the National Quality Framework.

The service has been recognized for its inclusive partnerships with children and families, its collaborative partnerships with professional, community or research organizations, and its practices and environments that enhance children’s learning and growth.

In particular, the integration of the Marte Meo approach into service philosophy and practices has been noted for its ability to empower educators and families to recognize and analyze children’s strengths and communication cues.

The service shares videos to demonstrate children’s competence and engagement in the physical learning environment and as a tool to strengthen partnerships and relationships with families. Families recognize the importance of learning through play and often adopt similar instructional strategies at home to improve their child’s outcomes.

As part of the service’s commitment to inclusion, the physical learning environment is regularly adapted and modified to meet the very diverse and complex needs of families and children in its local community. Regular critical reflection ensures that the environment is a safe and calm space where children can practice self-regulation and social-emotional skills.

The service creates individual education plans in consultation with each family to co-design a shared vision for each child’s growth and development. Learning trajectories are established and meetings with internal and external specialists and inclusion agencies are planned to support each child’s learning and well-being.

In response to a community need, the department established a healthy eating program. The program shares information on nutrition, food security, food shopping and budgeting – and the importance of involving children in grocery shopping and meal preparation. Family cooking classes are built into the program and materials highlighting nutrition, recipes and food bank locations are provided.

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Norma A. Roth