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JOHANNESBOURG, (ACJ News) South Africa’s PLANS to transform education through technology received major impetus after a multinational company pledged its commitment to the initiatives.

Lenovo, the China-based company, is partnering with educators and students to create technology the company says is right for them.

“We design solutions from the ground up to support and inspire learning in any situation,” the company said.

In South Africa, Lenovo introduced a software solution called LanSchool, which offers digital classroom orchestration to teachers in primary and secondary schools.

This solution also addresses the control and safety of student equipment, which is considered essential for South African schools.

Lenovo offers the first year free when schools purchase its products.

Technology is now playing a bigger role in South Africa’s education sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw more than 1.4 billion students worldwide home study in March 2020 .

Lenovo lamented the disruption caused by distance learning to the South African school sector.

As a result, over 400,000 to 500,000 learners would have dropped out of school altogether.

Those numbers, Lenovo said, came from children living in informal urban and rural settings, where household poverty prevented them from reaping the benefits of technology.

South Africa has a national teacher shortage, with the best-equipped educators in major cities.

Access to the Internet is also widening the digital divide.

Lenovo called on the government to launch a massive rollout of Internet access to address the issue.

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