Local e-learning platform partners with German startup hub

EduXpert is a local online learning platform that allows anyone with expertise or knowledge in an area to monetize their skills. The site is similar to the U.S. Skillshare service, but offers Zimbabweans a less complicated way to earn income from their classes because everything is local. EduXpert today announced its partnership with the African-German startup hub DeutschConnect.

The first is a business that we have touched on here on a number of occasions. It offers B2B matchmaking and opportunities for Zimbabwean and African startups in Germany and the EU. The partnership with EduXpert will allow the platform to offer German courses that will help those who want to join the Au Pair program or study in Germany.

Besides, (and according to EduXpert) the partnership is also aimed at local startups wishing to do business in Germany. There is nothing like having a representative who knows the local lingo to better communicate with German companies wishing to do business. The courses will be offered by DeutschConnect as it has been doing this for quite some time.

Overall, it’s good to see local startups collaborating. There are a multitude of opportunities and the exposure of a company like DeutschConnect will certainly have an influence on EduXpert beyond the language course partnership.

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Last month, I spoke with EduXpert’s Panashe Mashungupa to understand what the company hopes to achieve. The team there is very ambitious and aspires not only to help professionals and teachers monetize their skills and knowledge, but also strive to disrupt the traditional education system.

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Norma A. Roth