Lucas Smith: Marxism makes inroads into schools under cover of masked “science”

The Anchorage Municipality Assembly, Anchorage School Board, and the Alaskan BIPOC Coalition of Educators fit perfectly with the Marxist program of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Together, they are a formidable force.

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Karl Marx sought to destroy family, individuality, eternal truths, nations and the past. In a modern American context, Marxism as a political movement can be seen as a movement that seeks to quickly replace American freedom with communism by turning social unrest into violence, by amplifying and exploiting differences.

A Communist Party USA video in 2017 defines Marxism as “a method of scientist Critical mind.”

The close association of Marxism with science is obvious. “Science” is increasingly used to justify government dictates that violate our most basic individual freedoms for the benefit of public health. Oddly enough, in this new era of Covid, politicians and bureaucrats are asking people to ‘follow the science’.

A clear link exists between schoolchildren and the growing Marxist political movement: mask mandates.

This is where one of Vladimir Lenin’s famous quotes rings true: “Just give me a generation of young people, and I will transform the whole world.” The mask’s mandate over our children is transforming our entire world.

In 1963, Clarence Carson wrote: “Implicitly, and sometimes explicitly, communism is the idea that the individual exists for society. “ Carson also wrote that Communism has the disadvantage of differing from Communism by only one letter in its spelling, but it is apt for descriptive purposes.

Communism? There is perhaps no better educational tool to indoctrinate a generation of impressionable young schoolchildren into communism than a face mask mandate. It is a step away from communism, as Carson has suggested.

Marxist aspects of the Anchorage School District’s mask mandate include the destructive destabilization of families and the loss of individuality.

Forced to wear a face mask for over a year now, an entire generation of children are now being imprinted as baby ducks on a mother goose with the shared belief that they exist for society. Moreover, we are told, science justifies it and parents are powerless against it.

What class conflicts have arisen from these circumstances for Marxist amplification and exploitation? To begin with, mask supporters versus mask objectors and vaccine supporters versus vaccine objectors.

Communist organizations and influencers are gaining influence at the local level across the country. Here in Anchorage, the Democratic Socialists of America – a derivative of the Communist Party of the United States – established a chapter in Anchorage in February 2018.

The American Academy of Pediatrics cannot be excluded from the equation of the local Marxist movement.

As a national organization, AAP influencers are deployed and work at the local level. In October of this year, AAP members wrote a letter opposing highly qualified Anchorage chief medical officer Michael Savitt, MD.

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The spread of “disinformation” is a popular accusation made by those who seek to censor critics and opposing views. Incompetence is a bold accusation to be made by one small group of medical professionals against another, but very safe when made under the protective umbrella of the AAP.

The language published by the American Academy of Pediatrics is loaded with the same kinds of perspectives and language that are the building blocks of another example of Marxist philosophy permeating the public education system: Critical Race Theory.

CRT themes are often hidden in initiatives such as social justice, equity and inclusion. The terminology you will find frequently used in such programs are “implicit bias” and “systemic racism”. Educational organizations like the Zinn Education Project are associated with a commitment to teaching “the truth”.

A supporter of the Zinn Education Project, Noam Chomsky, is celebrated among anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist movements.

The American Academy of Pediatrics takes up the mantra of equity and inclusion:

American Academy of Pediatrics Equity and Inclusion Efforts

The excerpts include:

“Celebrating the diversity of children and families and promoting stimulating and inclusive environments means actively opposing intolerance, bigotry, prejudice and discrimination. AAP is committed to using policy, advocacy and education to foster inclusion and cultural effectiveness for all.

“These efforts include… applying an equity lens to Academy policy, advocacy and education. “

The AAP Equity Agenda sets out explicit and intentional action to support the Academy’s commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) and ensures that this action permeates all aspects of the functioning of the Academy. ‘Academy. “

“While the equity agenda is broad, the AAP Board of Directors articulated the goal of advancing racial equity with a focus on addressing anti-black racism in the first year. . To this end, the proposed actions have been informed, in large part, by the policy statements of the AAP The impact of racism on the health of children and adolescents and Truth, reconciliation and transformation: continuing on the path of equity. It is important to note, however, that this document does not represent the sum of all the work that needs to be done to achieve this goal. Rather, the work plan prioritizes activities that are achievable and will have an impact over the next 12 months.

” It is urgent to take action. However, this action must lead to lasting and transformative change.

The AAP Equity Program Year 1 work plan states that clinicians should:

“Explore opportunities for the Office of Maternal and Child Health to integrate counseling for screening children, adolescents and families for racism and other forms of prejudice and discrimination into Bright Futures. “

“Disseminate tools to help paediatricians develop and implement an action plan to advance racial equity through clinical practice. “

The AAP Equity Program Year 1 work plan also includes policy and advocacy:

“Use the Academy’s advocacy resources to promote advocacy at the federal, state, and community levels that addresses health inequalities, advances racial equity, and promotes social justice.” “

“Advocate with other pediatric and medical education organizations (e.g. Association of American Medical Colleges, American Board of Medical Specialties, American Board of Pediatrics) to promote diversity and inclusion in the field of pediatrics.

“Establish and strengthen interdisciplinary partnerships with other organizations that have developed campaigns against racism. “

“Partnerships with organizations and groups that advocate for addressing the effects of structural and systemic racism on children’s health outcomes. “

“Coordinate and align advocacy efforts with State Chapters to advance the AAP equity agenda. “

The equity papers associated with the Anchorage School District identify some rather disturbing views about the role that equity can ultimately play in decision-making regarding ASD. Based on the AAP publications, it can be assumed that the American Academy of Pediatrics views equity in a similar light:

“Equity is a concept that encompasses many other ideas of justice and equity. Equity encompasses non-discrimination, diversity and inclusion. Equity is also not the same as equality. Equality may be the right course of action in some circumstances, but in most cases students deserve to have their needs met at their level. A definition of fairness must be carefully crafted so as not to interchange these terms. “

“Fairness is a lens through which all other decisions must be viewed… Fairness is the vehicle for visualizing decisions and results are the measure of success. “

The motto of the Alaska Coalition of BIPOC Educators, as published on their website, is “Equity Until Equality”. Their mission statement is to “advocate for equity in education for communities of color to achieve equality”. AK BIPOC representatives are regular participants and witnesses of school board meetings.

With their top priority being the health and safety of educators, students, and communities of color, Alaska BIPOC representatives consistently advocate for the strictest COVID protocols and mandates. Local events in Anchorage organized by AK BIPOC were supported by the Zinn Education Project and Black Lives Matter At School.

If you are in the least concerned that the Anchorage School District is producing a generation of Marxist Socialists and the potential threat of other Marxist tactics being deployed against the 40,000 children enrolled in the Anchorage School District, please take time to share your thoughts with Anchorage School Board before their Monday meeting at 6 p.m.

Lucas Smith is the worried parent of a student in the Anchorage School District.

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