MagnumMeta Online Learning Platform Announces Token Launch

Denver, CO- MagnumMeta is an established online learning platform. As a market leader, it has led the way in offering a wide range of online courses over the past three years.

With the impending arrival of Web 3, MagnumMeta is poised to offer e-learning services that will use blockchain technology. Additionally, a solid roadmap is in place to move beyond eLearning and into a broader Web 3 ecosystem.

MagnumMeta is set to launch the Magnumbit (MGB) token. The token will serve as the governance token of the MagnumMeta ecosystem.

MagnumMeta has strong Tokenomics for the $MGB token, designed to offer good potential returns to holders. It will also promote stability within the $MGB token ecosystem and expand to the upcoming MagnumMeta metaverse.

MGB will be developed on the Polygon network with a total supply capped at 500 million tokens.

MagnumMeta will release 117,500,000 tokens to raise a maximum of USD 10 million in private, presale and public rounds.

Utility features of the MGB token include:

Bet to win rewards

115,000,000 MGB tokens have been allocated and reserved for the $MGB staking program. All $MGB holders will have the opportunity to stake their tokens and earn passive income

The staking model has been designed with a minimum token lock-in period to ensure the sustainability of the staking program.

MagnumMeta offers an initial fixed APY of 30%, which will be systematically reduced over time.

Users will get 30% interest for staking in one year, which translates to an average reward of 2.5% per month, 0.625% per week, and 0.083% per day.

Payment of online courses and transaction fees

Students will be able to pay for their online courses with $MGB tokens.

Tutors and businesses that want to offer online courses through MagnumMeta can finalize payments with $MGB tokens.


MagnumMeta will operate as a decentralized autonomous organization where token holders are entitled to certain decision-making processes within the ecosystem.

MGB holders can vote and make governance proposals by staking MGB for a fixed term (at least three months).

The longer the staking duration, the more voting power the user gets, making them stakeholders and not just token holders.

Community and Partner Rewards

All existing MagnumMeta users prior to the launch of the Magnumbits token will receive an equal amount of MGB that they currently have in their back office.

25% of MGB tokens received are released, and 75% are released gradually over 12 months.

Users of MagnumMeta services are rewarded based on specific actions to earn tokens. For instance:

  • Buy products above a certain amount,

  • Buy a particular product,

  • Writing reviews about the services they have purchased,

  • Integration of active users via a sponsorship system.

Buy goods and services in the MagnumMeta ecosystem

Users can purchase or lease Metaverse land with MGB tokens as the project roadmap becomes a reality.

There will be expansion to help businesses and individuals use blockchain in areas such as e-commerce, e-learning, and NFTs. MGB tokens will be used as the currency to enable successful transaction.

To conclude, MagnumMeta is a pioneer in moving e-learning into the Web 3 space, and the $MGB token is an essential part of the ecosystem.

The total supply of $MGB, unlike tokens from other blockchain projects, is low. This will ensure that the price of $MGB tokens remains high.

Other measures such as a gradual token burn and a deflationary token model are also in place to keep the market value high.

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