Masterclass on distance learning for higher education

COLLEGES and Universities around the world are transitioning into new educational territory due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the initial frenzy of shifting from in-person to distance learning – dubbed the emergency distance learning (ERT) crisis – has subsided for higher education institutions, the process is far from over.

Students and educators should continue to learn and teach as much as possible without the immediate interpersonal communication and in-person learning setting, not to mention acclimating to the energy of a home while working.

With this abrupt shift from lecture halls to the online universe, some are wondering if the acceptance of online learning will hold up post-pandemic and how such a shift will affect the global education system.

Newcastle Medical University in Malaysia (NUMed) will coordinate a masterclass on this issue, titled “Transforming Higher Education through Technology-Enhanced Learning”.

This is part of their effort to highlight the learning and teaching problem that has plagued higher education educators and students since the start of the pandemic.

As part of its Forward NUMed initiative, the institution has hosted a number of masterclasses and webinars on current health issues and medical education.

NUMed aims to pave the way for a brighter future in healthcare, while educating the public on relevant issues regarding education and mental health.

NUMed’s Chief Executive and Provost, Professor Chris Baldwin, emphasizes innovation in teaching in step with the digital age, as it shows the versatility of teaching and learning.

“Technology has the ability to transform traditional ways of teaching and learning. It has the potential to support dynamic teaching and learning, greatly increasing access to lifelong learning,” he said, adding that adaptation is important to improve and advance the teaching and learning process. .

He added that the ability of technology to transmit massive amounts of information across networks enhances the possibility of tailoring educational programs to the unique needs of each learner.

“Through the use of technology, educators can better align their teaching tactics and assignments with their students’ interests and needs in their classrooms if they have more time to interact and get to know them” , did he declare.

The masterclass will present the results and trends to watch in higher education after the pandemic, as well as the importance of finding the right balance between teaching, learning and technology.

The next masterclass will showcase recent findings and trends to watch in the post-pandemic higher education sector.

There would also be a discussion of the importance of striving for the right balance in teaching, learning and integrating technology to achieve learning goals.

The event will be led by three expert educators in their respective disciplines.

For the first session of the event, NUMed Senior Lecturer Dr. Bhavani Veasuvalingam will discuss “Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Tools in Higher Education Teaching and Learning”.

Meanwhile, Associate Professor Dr. Muhamad Saiful Bahri Yusoff, Head of Department of Medical Education (School of Medical Sciences) at Universiti Sains Malaysia will speak on “Post-Pandemic Challenges – Humanizing Technology in Higher Education” .

This will be followed by NUMed’s Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Paul Hubbard, who will conclude the event with his presentation on “The Use of Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) in Higher Education – How to find the good balance?”

Other educators who want to become a leader in improving classrooms through technology are encouraged to take this masterclass. Students facing online learning can also attend to learn more.

Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the Forward NUMed masterclass. To register, visit

Norma A. Roth