Merrickville private school is “the best in the world”


A private school in Merrickville now has significant bragging rights.

Earlier this month, Merrick Preparatory School was recognized as the best in the world through the Secondary Learning and International Impact Award.

It’s like the “Academy Awards” for the education sector, said Kevin Farrell, the principal of the school.

The PIEoneer Awards, which bestowed the title of the world’s best to the local school, are based in London, England, and celebrate innovation and achievements across the world in the education sector for secondary schools. grades 9 to 12 teacher.

This year there were 19 different categories and a large panel of over 40 international judges.

The Merrickville school believes it won the award because of its teaching efforts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the high success rate of students placed at top-ranked universities.

“We have been able to create an online learning platform synchronicity very quickly and develop an incredible sense of community for our students through this learning platform,” said Farrell.

He said the preparatory school staff worked early in the morning to address all the students who were learning remotely and the school used multiple cameras and very sensitive microphones to make students feel like they were in the room. class despite their scattering around the world.

“Our teachers and staff have had the courage to go through a very difficult time. Our parents, our students and our staff had a sense of community and belonging and most of all we had compassion for each other, ”said Farrell.

“I don’t think there is a single person for whom this award is intended; I think it’s for the teachers, the staff; it’s for the students, it’s for the parents. It’s for everyone involved in the Merrick Preparatory School family.

While most students have returned to in-person learning at school, it still offers the online option for students, both locally and internationally.

Currently, the school has 22 international boarding students and will accept more for its second semester in early February.

“We have an amazing group of highly dedicated and qualified teachers and we have a fantastic group of students,” said Farrell.

The PIEoneer Awards may not be well known across much of North America, but Farrell said that regardless, it’s still great recognition of the work the school has done since. it opened 10 years ago, to be recognized as the best in the world when it comes to student achievement.

“I think what that means to the staff is that it’s a real boost, that all of their hard work is paying off,” said Farrell. “And it’s a great lesson for our students that hard work pays off. ”

He said the award is a prime example that hard work doesn’t always come with immediate gratification, as it took school years of hard work to achieve that level of recognition.


Norma A. Roth