Microsoft encourages teachers to adopt a hybrid teaching model

Microsoft has suggested that teachers are moving from a mixture of traditional teaching and online teaching to something more in the wake of the disruption of learning processes in education systems due to the pandemic.

The company said it believes the “hybrid model,” which combines the best of school and distance learning with digital engagement, is more than a quick fix for disrupted learning.

According to a recent report, a hybrid model is a way to enhance and accelerate learning by providing student-centered approaches to meet the needs of diverse learners.

“Technology has been a critical catalyst for learning and is also expected to play a crucial role in moving towards quality learning in a hybrid model.

“Educators are quickly putting systems in place to ensure that gains made are solidified through clear educational transformation plans. This is the strategy we need to work on to enable learning across the continent.

“In different parts of the world, distance learning has triggered a decline in reading skills – a trend of particular concern for many countries in Africa and the Middle East, where the battle to improve literacy rates has been long and fierce. But the introduction of free tools, such as Reading Progress, will help students improve their reading comprehension at their own pace.

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Norma A. Roth