MIT Consumer Edtech Startup Out Of The Box Education Launches World’s First Classroom In A Box With Digital Platform For Kids

An all-in-one modular educational unit for kids ages 2 and up, creating meaningful learning and play experiences anywhere.

Out Of The Box Education, a startup founded at MIT, is pleased to announce the launch of the the world’s first Classroom-in-a-Box with digital platform, an innovative all-in-one educational unit for children aged two and up. The award-winning, patent-pending product is developed under the MIT DesignX program.

Over the past two years, parents and educators have faced immense challenges transitioning to remote or hybrid working, while making it easier for their children to learn – an issue exacerbated by the pandemic. Out Of The Box was founded with the philosophy that meaningful learning and play can (and should) happen anywhere, not just in traditional schools. The classroom in a box transforms any space with different configurations that provide endless experiences.

The Kickstarter launch will be live on September 27, 2022. For more information, visit:

The components in the classroom in a box are modular and mobile, giving children the freedom to explore different configurations and modes of use. The unit also comes with an AI-enabled digital platform that features personalized learning paths tailored to each child’s unique learning needs and a learning library with expandable content.

According to research conducted at the University of Cambridge, a guided play-based approach where children can explore at their own pace is as effective as a traditional classroom environment in teaching literacy, critical thinking and numeracy. “Children learn differently, and we should encourage them to explore, learn and play the way they do best,” says Yu Qian Ang, co-founder of Out Of The Box – whose mother was a preschool teacher for more than 20 years. years – on the inspiration behind the project. . “For children, every interaction is an opportunity to learn, and a traditional, asymmetrical teaching approach can discourage them.”

Out Of The Box has won numerous international awards, including People’s Choice Award at the World Bank Youth Summit, and has also been honored as part of Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas and Innovation by Design.

Through the Kickstarter campaign, the co-founders hope to create a community of enthusiastic early adopters who will provide feedback, ideas and grow with the product. Funders also have the opportunity to support efforts to bring these experiences to disadvantaged children.

About Us: Out Of The Box Education, founded at MIT, aims to provide meaningful learning and play experiences to children around the world. The company’s first product is a patent-pending classroom-in-a-box (hardware) with an AI-enabled learning platform (software) that transforms any space into a learning environment and game for children.

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