Since the switch to distance and hybrid learning environments at the start of the pandemic, UNM Information Technologies (IT) has continuously worked to keep digital classrooms safe. Starting November 11, UNM will offer new security options to protect the privacy of faculty and students.

The new default when scheduling UNM Zoom meetings will be “Authentication Required to Join” – meaning hosts can restrict meeting attendees and webinar attendees to logged in users only. Additionally, hosts can further restrict meetings to Zoom users whose email addresses match a certain domain. All scheduled meetings will require at least one security option.

All previously scheduled meetings without a security option will have a waiting room added to the meeting. If needed, security options can be changed per meeting in the organizer meeting settings before scheduling. These changes will apply to all UNM Zoom meetings, including “personal meeting rooms” in UNM accounts. Changes will not apply to meetings scheduled through HSC Zoom accounts.

Lobos with UNM Zoom accounts are encouraged to familiarize themselves with security options and schedule new meetings with at least one security option enabled. If an option is selected in advance, it will eliminate the need to update security options later. Users should review the following instructions:

  • Security options when scheduling a new UNM Zoom meeting, see Quick Info 7892.
  • Add external participants to UNM Zoom meetings that require authentication, see Quick Info 7897.
  • Update security options on a previously scheduled meeting, see Quick Info 7893.

Information on attending meetings requiring authentication:

  • UNM students, faculty and staff joining a Zoom UNM (non-HSC) meeting requiring authentication with your UNM NetID as a participant, see Quick Info 7891.
  • Students, faculty and HSC staff joining a Zoom UNM (non-HSC) meeting requiring authentication with your HSC ID as a participant, see Quick Info 7894.
  • HSC instructors using UNM Zoom through UNM Learn must authenticate using their UNM Zoom / Learn (non-HSC) credentials.

For UNM Learn specific support, including Zoom integrations with UNM Learn, please feel free to contact the UNM Learn 24/7 support team at 505-277-0857.

For assistance with UNM IT services, please contact UNM IT Customer Support at 277-5757. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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