Nokia announces its entry into Software-as-a-Service for CSPs

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Nokia announcement Entrance in Software-as-a-Service for CSPs with various services

  • Nokia Introduces Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Approach for Communication Service Providers (CSP) to Drive CSP Business Results with Highly Flexible, Fully Automated, Low-Cost Software Model
  • Nokia SaaS model for CSP enables faster time to value for network services
  • Nokia to offer several SaaS services for CSP in early 2022 in the areas of analytics, security and data management

November 17, 2021

Espoo, FinlandasdNokia today announcement It is presentation various Software as a Service (SaaS) services for communication service providers (CSP), in an important first step to give operators a Cheaper, more flexible and more customer-centric path for the operation of their network and deliver new services.

Providing SaaS for CSPs is a natural evolution of Everything-as-a-Service, a key part of Nokia’s overall strategy. It reflects the culmination of steps Nokia has taken in recent years to improve CSP network operations, including revamping its software applications to make them fully cloud-native and deployable in any cloud, device, public or private environment.

To seize the 5G opportunity, CSPs need to move away from the traditional practice of deploying custom software for analytics, security, network management, and other functions, which run on an infrastructure. on-site expensive and complex.

To drive this change, Nokia’s approach to SaaS for CSPs is to improve value and reduce complexity by delivering innovative software consumed only on demand through a subscription, thereby eliminating significant upfront capital expenditure. ; avoiding the need for on-site maintenance and software updates; and by accelerating the ability of CSPs to launch new services faster and achieve faster time to value.

As part of the SaaS suite of services, Nokia Data Marketplace (NDM) is now commercially available through a SaaS framework to provide CSPs with an easy and secure way to share and access data. NDM was launched “as a service” earlier this year. The new SaaS version of NDM offers improved automation, efficiency and scalability to CSPs and enterprises in various industrial sectors, including energy, public sector, transportation and smart cities.

For the period 2021-2025, Nokia is targeting an addressable SaaS market, made up of CSPs and enterprises, with a value of $ 3.1 billion and an annual growth rate of approximately 25-30%. Nokia is in talks with several CSPs around the world about the use of its SaaS services, including security.

With 5G opening up many new cybersecurity risks due to the increase in the number of access points in networks, CSPs require automated security that drastically reduces the dwell time of threats (the time it takes to remove a cyber attacker once detected); reduces manual tasks; and shortens the response time to ensure the security of 5G consumer and business services. In addition to offering these benefits, Nokia’s new SaaS-based NetGuard cybersecurity dome, which will be commercially available in early 2022, enables CSPs to secure 5G networks and monetize the security associated with services like than 5G chopping.

Another product offered through a SaaS model is Nokia Anomaly Detection, a machine learning service aimed at finding and correcting network anomalies before they affect network customers. Based on Nokia Bell Labs technology, Nokia Anomaly Detection helps CSPs improve their operational efficiency and will also be commercially available in early 2022.

As it introduces SaaS services into a simplified delivery model, Nokia plans to combine these independent services into three high-value SaaS “suites” focused on digital engagement, marketplaces and networking, each composed of integrated SaaS services. Some SaaS services within these suites, such as security, will add value to all areas of the suite.

Nokia is offering other SaaS services for CSP which will be announced in early 2022.

Caroline Chappell, Research Director To Analyys Mason, noted: “SaaS is the software consumption model of the future. It is in its infancy in the telecommunications market today, but our research shows that major carriers understand its benefits and are waiting for providers to respond. It’s good to see a mainstream vendor like Nokia getting into SaaS delivery early on. This will position Nokia well to serve operators who need to accelerate the adoption of new large-scale cloud-based technologies, such as 5G, IoT, advanced computing and AI. CSPs need to transform to capitalize on these technologies, and the shift to SaaS delivery models is a critical part of their digital transformation strategies.

Raghav Sahgal, President of Cloud and Network Services To Nokia, noted: “The convergence of 5G, cloud native software and SaaS creates a tremendous and rapidly growing opportunity for Nokia. With the foundation we have already laid, our SaaS delivery framework is in a very strong competitive position. It enables a combination of a fast time to value with on-demand access to Nokia SaaS applications and low cost of ownership, based on a pay-as-you-go / grow-as-you-grow business model. This is a multi-year trip and we are going aggressively. “

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