Nominations close today for the 2022 Warrington Guardian Education Awards

TODAY, Thursday, is the last day you can nominate a deserving winner for a Warrington Guardian Education Award.

We received amazing entries with over 250 submissions.

This year will be our sixth Education Awards, run in association with Warrington Borough Council, and this one should be extra special due to the challenges schools are facing throughout the pandemic.

Children and teachers, support staff and students, school leaders and lecturers will be honored at a special virtual awards event hosted by Grenada TV presenter Elaine Willcox on Thursday, March 17, that all the inhabitants of the city will be invited to watch live in the night.

Do you know an individual, team, school or college that has excelled in the use of digital technology?

Or maybe they were innovative in order to help others.

You can nominate them for an Innovation Award by following the instructions at the bottom of the article.

Judges will look for evidence that the technology/initiative has had a positive impact on student academic outcomes inside or outside the classroom, supported teaching, or benefited the community at wider.

The awards would not be possible without our event partners Warrington Borough Council, University of Chester, Golden Square Shopping Center and Assura.

Entries are invited from teachers, parents, governors, students, and anyone who knows of a particular school or educational institution.

All schools are welcome as long as they are based in the borough.

Individuals or institutions may enter more than one category, but this must be clearly indicated on the entry form.

You can make a nomination by click here

Alternatively, if you are having trouble accessing the online form, you can email [email protected] including the following information: your name and full contact details, the name and full contact details of the person/school you are nominating, as well as the category in which you are nominating (see below) and reasons of your application, providing as much detail as possible.

And if you are a local business interested in sponsoring an award, please email [email protected] for more details.


School of the year

Does your primary, secondary or continuing education establishment stand out from the others? Not only do we want to hear about academic achievement and competitive success, but we also want to see entries that demonstrate how pupils and students have developed in ways that go beyond the rankings. Whether it’s improving attendance levels, developing healthy living or mental health and wellness policies, or building better relationships with parents and the wider community, c This is your chance to shout out how great your school has been throughout the pandemic.

Head teacher of the year

Does this principal provide exceptional leadership with a clear and compelling vision for success? This award will be given to an inspirational principal who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, management, teaching skills, and commitment to their school or college over the past year.

Teacher of the Year – Elementary School

Teacher of the Year – High School/Higher Education

Does this teacher inspire and engage students to help them reach their full academic and social potential? The winner of our top teacher categories will have made an outstanding contribution to the school or college in which they work and will go out of their way to provide the best opportunities for the children they teach.

Separate prizes will be awarded to primary and secondary/higher education teachers.

New teacher of the year

This category celebrates the achievements of those who are new to the profession, for example a newly qualified teacher. We want to hear from teachers who have made a remarkable start in their teaching career by inspiring others to achieve their goals.

Applicants should not have completed more than three years of study.

Teaching assistant of the year

This award is given to a dedicated teaching assistant who has made a real difference in their school, someone who demonstrates kindness and compassion towards the children in their care in their daily school life and plays a role essential to their well-being and happiness, as well as playing a vital role in supporting their fellow teachers.

Elementary School Student of the Year

Whether they excelled academically, succeeded in extracurricular activities, or had to overcome adversity to succeed, we want to hear from your hardworking children. They will play an active role in all areas of school life, be respectful of others and always ready to lend a hand.

High School Student of the Year

This award will be given to a young person who has achieved something beyond expectation in the field of education during a difficult 12 months. They may not necessarily be the top performers academically – we also want to hear from students who have grown personally, through their sheer determination to do better, or who have helped others in the community during the pandemic.

Class/Team of the Year

Do you know a class or team that deserves recognition for their hard work throughout the pandemic? It could be a sports team that has gone the extra mile, an after-school club or school choir that has done outstanding work in the community, or a class of elementary or junior high school students. who have excelled in their studies or in a special field. project. We want to find the best team for 2022.

Innovation Award

This award will recognize an individual, team, school or college that has excelled in the use of digital technology or can be innovative in order to help others. Judges will look for evidence that the technology/initiative has had a positive impact on student academic outcomes inside or outside the classroom, supported teaching, or benefited the community at wider.

unsung hero

This category is open to all non-teaching staff, individually or in teams, who play a key role in the proper functioning of their school or college. Whether it’s a lunch shift, janitor, governors, administrative staff, APE or school patrol assistant, tell us who your unsung heroes are. We are looking for a star from a school who constantly stands out and inspires others.

Early Childhood Award

This award will be given to an innovative and successful childcare provider, crèche, preschool or organization that stands out from the crowd for its early years support or provision. Entries must demonstrate the impact their work has had on their users or the children in their care.

Outstanding Achievement Award

This prestigious award is open for nominations from students, parents, school staff and teachers as we seek to honor someone who has had a significant and positive impact on education at Warrington, whether recently through the pandemic of coronavirus or over several years. If you know someone who deserves recognition for their hard work and dedication, be sure to tell us about them.

Norma A. Roth