North West pandemic start-ups hope to bring ‘new era’ to online learning Prolific North

Manchester-based e-learning company Thirst and Chorley’s marketing and design agency OnyxPDA, both launched during the pandemic, hope to bring a new era of learning to the ‘new workplace’.

Launched in 2022, thirst claims to be “an online learning platform created for the modern learner”. It allows each user to choose what, how and when they want to learn, and using AI technology, the platform presents personalized content to each user based on their likes, dislikes and content previously consumes.

The SaaS-based learning platform offers users transparent pricing, easy integration, and access to thousands of learning content from all over the web. Users can also create their own content in various formats to share their knowledge on any device, anywhere.

OnyxPDA, which launched in 2020, provided extensive marketing, communications, and design services to help adapt the product to the modern flexible workplace and launch it into the online learning market. line.

Although they employ less than 30 people between the two companies, they now hope to make a splash in the crowded online learning space. Fred Thompson, CEO of Thirst Learning, said: “As a society, we are always on the move, and now that the workplace and education are becoming more flexible, it’s time for learning to line do it too.”

thirsty is currently offering a 14-day trial of its new e-learning platform and promises that no sales calls will be made or credit card details taken.

Norma A. Roth