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ATLANTA, June 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nox Healththe global leader in sleep health committed to helping people wake up to a better world, has partnered with Totem, a benefits consulting service that offers a holistic and personalized approach to employee benefits. The two companies will collaborate to bring sleep health education and resources to employees and adult dependents on the Totem Health Plan – powered by SleepCharge by Nox Health.

“About 80% of people in the United States report having trouble sleeping,” said Heidi Anderson, president and chief growth officer of Nox Health. “Quality sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, equipping our bodies to ward off disease and perform at their best. Nox Health’s SleepCharge is changing the lives of people struggling with sleep issues, and partnering with Totem will allow us to bring these vital services to even more people in need.

The SleepCharge by Nox Health program provides sleep health education and resources, as well as access to sleep health professionals and the best treatments for those with sleep issues. Board-certified sleep physicians oversee testing and treatment, and a dedicated team of medical and behavioral sleep specialists support Totem patients every step of the way.

Totem President, Debbie Schultz, founded the company more than 40 years ago with a vision to take a more holistic approach to employee benefits. Health plans designed by Totem allow customers to save between 8% and 29% per year. By leveraging data, incorporating fiduciary best practices, and incentivizing employees to use the highest quality of care possible, Totem delivers better benefits to company employees and their bottom lines. Today, the company takes organizations around the world to a higher level of employee care and was recognized as one of the best places to work by Inc. Magazine in 2021.

“Totem chose Nox Health’s SleepCharge to help our customers improve their overall health through better sleep,” Schultz said. “Through this partnership, Totem has given employers another way to be there for their employees – without cookie-cutter solutions and unanswered questions.”

SleepCharge provides sleep health education to clients, while identifying and resolving sleep issues to help patients feel better and lead healthier, more productive lives. After an initial sleep report, patients will receive a personalized sleep report and have access to the Sleep Life Learning Center – educational modules for self-paced learning, including relaxation techniques and guided sleep meditation. Additionally, they will have access to a board-certified sleep physician who can order an in-home sleep test, diagnose and treat sleep-disordered breathing (apnea), insomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, restless legs syndrome and hypersomnia (excessive daytime disturbances). feel like sleeping).

This partnership will bring better sleep health to thousands of people through the Totem Health Plan network. For more information about Nox Health or Totem, visit or

About Nox Health
Nox Health is a global sleep health leader, committed to people-centered products and services that combat the global sleep epidemic and promote access to sleep health care for long-term treatment and support. term. Nox Health delivers unparalleled data quality and insights to clinicians through Nox Medical’s sleep testing devices and technology. Its offerings also include SleepCharge sleep health programs and Nox Cloud sleep solutions for medical systems and payers. More than 10 million people in 48 countries discover a better world every day thanks to Nox Health solutions. For more information, visit

About Totem Solutions
Totem is a benefits consulting firm that designs and implements customized benefits plans that save clients between 8% and 29% in annual savings, while ensuring their employees get better benefits cheaper. Totem offers a concierge-level member support center that handles everything from administration and enrollment, to employee communications, improved employee adoption and engagement, part-time benefits , etc. Totem brings to organizations everywhere a higher level of employee care. As a result, Totem customers can provide better benefits to their employees at much lower annual costs than status quo plans. Learn about our commitment to helping customers

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