Office of Child Development and Early Learning Announces Child Care Technology Access Bursary Availability | Local/Regional

HARRISBURG — The Office of Child Development and Early Learning has announced that Department of Human Services (DHS)-certified daycares can apply for funding to purchase technology items such as laptops, wireless routers , tablets, etc. educational experience providers offer young children and families.

“Many daycare centers in Pennsylvania do not have access to reliable and efficient Internet access. It makes it more difficult to run their businesses and it means kids in these centers don’t have access to the same resources and skills as those with better internet access,” said Acting DHS Secretary Meg Snead. . “By providing this funding opportunity, we hope to put technology in the hands of the people who need it and prepare these children and businesses for greater success and educational ability.”

The Child Care Technology Access Awards are one-time grants available through federal funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Act (CRRSA). The award amount ranges from $2,500 to $5,500 and is based on the type of eligible DHS-certified child care program provider and licensed capacity. This funding opportunity will be awarded in the form of a voucher that eligible recipients will use to order approved materials from Kaplan Learning Company.

All eligible DHS-certified child care providers, regardless of Keystone STAR level, who require technology tools can apply for this unique award. To be eligible, a DHS-certified child care program must meet the following requirements at the time of application submission and at the time of final approval:

The DHS-certified child care program must be open and available to provide child care services or temporarily closed for no more than 14 consecutive business days due to exposure to COVID-19, as noted in the announcement ELRC 21- #09;

The DHS-certified child care program must be in good standing with the Office of Certification Services and have a regular or interim Certificate of Compliance (CoC);

The DHS-certified child care program certificate of compliance is not in a state of revocation or denial of renewal with the Office of Certification Services; and,

The DHS-certified child care program must not, at the time of application, be under investigation by the Office of the State Inspector General (OSIG) for fraud or have previously been found guilty of fraud.

DHS-certified child care programs wishing to apply for the Child Care Technology Access Award will need to designate an authorized representative to electronically complete and sign an online attestation form.

Kaplan Learning Center began sending emails to eligible DHS-certified child care programs on April 20, 2022. DHS-certified child care programs that believe they are eligible but have not received an email email from [email protected] should check their spam/junk mail first. inboxes to make sure the email hasn’t been sent there. If, after checking these inboxes, Kaplan’s email has not been received, programs should contact Kaplan at 1-800-334-2014. To inquire about eligibility status, email OECDL at [email protected]

Norma A. Roth