Ohio-based university to use uLearn’s AI-powered monitoring platform to keep assessments cheat-proof

Princeton, NJ, April 01, 2022 — (PR.com) — As many schools and colleges have returned to the traditional approach to classroom instruction, the blended learning model is expected to pave the way for all parties stakeholders involved in the education sector. Most of today’s leading institutes and learners have identified the benefits of blended learning – a combination of online and offline lectures and assessments. The Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU), one such top university using the hybrid education model, has partnered with renowned online assessment monitoring platform uLearn. The Delaware, Ohio-based university is looking to make its online exams completely cheat-free with the AI-powered online proctoring platform.

OWU uses the Blackboard LMS to facilitate and coordinate its online courses and assessments. uLearn’s full LTI compatibility with any LMS platform ensures that it can seamlessly integrate with Blackboard. Additionally, the proctor tool is compatible with all laptops, PCs, and Chromebooks to simplify the process of logging in and taking tests for online learners and exam takers. OWU should use these integration capabilities to optimize the integrity of its remote assessments.

To make exams cheating-proof, uLearn’s AI-powered software monitors students via their computer’s front-facing camera as they take an online test. The monitoring tool closely analyzes a candidate’s movements to detect suspicious behavior during the exam. If a cheating attempt is detected, the tool alerts the candidate. After several alerts, the system will disqualify the candidate if they again try to use unfair means to score higher on these exams. uLearn confirms that candidates will not be falsely flagged for cheating, as a human invigilator may be present to pass judgment on contentious situations during an online exam.

uLearn and OWU prioritize student privacy in online testing. Therefore, uLearn’s online proctoring tool is designed to proctor exam candidates autonomously. The algorithm-driven platform requires minimal intervention from human supervisors. As a result, OWU students who are hesitant to take online tests for fear of being spied on can rest assured that their privacy will not be violated. Additionally, the tool does not need to be downloaded and installed on a candidate’s system prior to an online test, reducing the possibility of encountering cybersecurity threats such as malware and malware. virus.

Speaking on the new partnership, Jeenal Ganatra, Marketing Manager, uLearn, said, “We are delighted to be associated with OWU, a university that has pioneered education for nearly 180 years. With our privacy and integrity-focused monitoring solution, uLearn and OWU seek to achieve blended learning perfection together.

Norma A. Roth