Outdoor experiences showcased at this Oak Cliff charter school

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An Oak Cliff charter school consults with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to design an outdoor curriculum and adventurous class trips for its students.

Faith Family Academy’s Explore 360 ​​Adventure Learning is funded in part by a Transformation of the school climate grant from the US Department of Education.

The Public Enrollment Charter School combines classroom learning with outdoor experiences at all levels, Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Faith Family grade 10 students will be attending Big Bend National Park in November: “Students will spend 4 days developing their outdoor life skills by camping, hiking and canoeing against the backdrop of the Chiso Mountains. “

Seniors will head to the Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby, Colorado in May. And in between, lower grade students will take field trips to places like the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Dinosaur Valley State Park, and the Fort Worth Zoo.

The federal grant is intended for schools that “implement an evidence-based, tiered behavioral framework to improve behavioral outcomes and learning conditions for all students.”

And the Explore 360 ​​program is “focused on teaching safe and comfortable wildlife while learning to appreciate its beauty, respect nature’s interrelationships, and understand the continued protection and preservation of the environment.” Savage “.

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Norma A. Roth