Proposed Increases for Knox County Educators

Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT) – In Bob Thomas’ final months as Knox County Schools Superintendent, there is a proposal for Knox County educators to get a raise.

The 2023 budget would give all employees with teaching licenses a four percent raise. All other staff, such as guards, assistant teachers and office workers, can get an 8% raise. The intention behind the difference is to give those who don’t earn as much money an extra boost in their salary.

“Our schools succeed because of the administration and the teachers in the schools,” said Jon Rysewyk, who is expected to take over as the new superintendent on June 4.

Rysewyk has assembled a transition team who will meet with him several times before the official start date. At these meetings, he hopes to get ideas and understand what the community is looking for in Knox County schools.

“Bring these innovative ideas out and challenge our status quo and help us think differently to achieve better student outcomes,” Rysewyk said.

The transition team is made up of 33 people from East Tennessee, ranging from businessmen and women to teachers, parents and even a student. The fact that each of these people lived in the area was intentional.

“The people of Knox County know Knox County and we have great thinkers and innovators right here in the county,” Rysewyk said.

The final budget will be voted by the Education Council on Wednesday 27.

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Norma A. Roth