Prosegur Security Partners with Azena for Robot Dog Perimeter Surveillance Solution

Prosegur Security USA’s yellow robot dog can be used to patrol situations too dangerous for humans.

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – Prosegur Security USA announced the integration of its newest security technology, a robot dog named Yellow, into its private and professional security offerings for perimeter patrols.

Yellow has several applications. The company explains that the robot dog can be deployed in situations that are too dangerous or too difficult for human entry. Additionally, the robot can be deployed at events and with the help of facial recognition technology, it can identify “friend or foe”, alerting security to potential threats.

Yellow is powered by Prosegur’s GenzAI platform and its AI partner Azena, enabling risky situations to be communicated via 5G technology to any Prosegur Security Operations Center (SOC).

“Prosegur understands the importance of intelligent, integrated security offerings, and Yellow is an innovative approach that connects and communicates with people and technology to deliver a complete security solution,” said Mike Dunn, Chief Technology Officer at Prosegur. “By leveraging our GenzAI platform, state-of-the-art machine learning, communication, smart cameras and video analytics, Yellow can detect security threats, push the information to the SOC and on-site security to react quickly and neutralize any danger.”

Robot Dog Yellow Powered by GenzAI and Azena

As an extension of Prosegur’s GenzAI platform and in partnership with market-based software Azena, Yellow integrates video analytics into its surveillance tasks to detect and recognize suspicious items, instantly alerting the SOC of any potential threats. Yellow the robot dog also provides improved support and improved efficiency of human patrol operations, increasing the safety and security measures of the autonomous guard.

Designed with super-sensitive sensors, Yellow can also detect temperature and gas fluctuations, which could indicate a gas leak or fire.

Some of the other services provided by the robot dog include independent perimeter patrols or supervised by a member of the security team to enable real-time enforcement at a private or public event, including concerts and sports games. . Yellow’s machine learning abilities also allow him to adapt to any terrain, avoid obstacles, and create a complete map of his patrol area.

Additionally, the Yellow robot dog’s advanced equipment allows communication with the local SOC/security while relaying its physical location without interruption. Yellow’s abilities are designed to be flexible and adaptable, and the dog fits right in with Prosegur’s holistic approach to security.

“Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do at Azena and now AI-powered video analytics can be leveraged in more industries than ever before to improve safety, security and operational efficiency. “, comments Hartmut Schaper, CEO of Azena. “We are proud to partner with Prosegur Security to augment human response using sophisticated detection technology.”

Norma A. Roth