Q Academy ventures into online learning for children


British Columbia-based Q Academy, a pioneer in technology-driven education, leverages e-learning with the gradual launch of Q Academy Kids (QA Kids), a coding and design platform for young people .

With the growing adoption of the Internet and the growing demand for real-time accessible training globally, Q Academy is making this timely shift from purely on-campus delivery to adding virtual delivery methods through QA Kids. .

“Q Academy is known for providing short-term training for individuals and corporate learners with a focus on improving their skills. It offers in-person summer tech camps, after-school and professional development classes for kids in Vancouver and Victoria, BC, and now with Q Academy Kids we are able to expand our reach across the country, ”says Q Academy Campus Manager Rachael McPherson.

QA Kids, aimed at children aged 6-18, aims to equip young people with life skills and give them a head start towards future success through technology-based education. It offers one-on-one or group online courses in coding, Minecraft, graphic design, comic book making, 3D animation, digital marketing, and photography, among others.

“By making our range of sought-after classes available for children in a virtual space, we are able to create a whole new playground in Canada and even potentially across borders where children could learn to code or create content. art in the comfort of their own homes. “, Notes Zavosh Zaboliyan, director of growth at Q Academy.

Designed with learning flexibility in mind, QA Kids allows parents to choose the classes and class schedule best suited for their children. It also offers free trial classes. QA Kids also places a strong emphasis on youth safety, with online courses using secure servers and a rigorous verification process in place for instructors as part of the site’s enhanced security features.

Q Academy is managed by MSM Higher Ed, the education management segment of the international education company M Square Media (MSM), which provides comprehensive campus management solutions, including policy and standard procedures for design and development of programs, integrated student information systems and learning management platforms. and practices.

“Q Academy has reached a turning point as a promising EdTech leader in coding, gaming and design courses to shape children ready for the future,” said MSM Higher Ed President Donna Hooker .

About Académie Q

Q Academy is a pioneer in delivering technology-driven training for students and businesses around the world. From design to the learning experience, its courses are specifically tailored to the needs of each learner. Q Academy has created a unique space where students can improve their skills and develop their resumes. With campuses in Victoria and Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, it promotes industry-focused education through a comprehensive list of courses in Web Coding and Development, Microsoft, Computer Fundamentals, Graphic Design and other digital programs.

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MSM Higher Ed offers education management solutions that create opportunities for students while strengthening the enrollment capacities of international students and new sources of income for partner institutions. Through viable public-private partnerships (PPP), licensing agreements, program pathways based on articulation agreements and the delivery of pan-national and transnational programs, it creates opportunities for students to obtain career-oriented degrees preparing for their career or academic advancement. MSM Higher Ed operates private institutions like Eton College Canada, Q College, Q Academy, Taylor Pro College, Extreme Pro Training and College Multihexa and transnational education centers.

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