Quality of distance education in POD centers


The ministry’s initiatives have contributed to the success of the distance training plan for the people in the determination centers.

Jamil Khan, Senior reporter

The Ministry of Community Development has completed the process of evaluating the quality of distance education in the centers of persons determined on the basis of the “distance education quality scale” which has been prepared by the Department of Determined Persons Welfare and Rehabilitation targeting UAE government and private centers in UAE.

Nasser Ismail, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Social Protection at the Ministry of Community Development, said: “The results of the educational process for the 2020/2021 school year are characterized by many achievements despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic . The Department of Community Development has benefited from the results of the virtual education experience as well as the challenges that determined people and their parents face during the pandemic to develop the virtual education system for them ”.

He talked about the development of deliverables of the educational process in people of the determination centers and the successful reality methods and techniques used, the launch of some digital programs such as “Khetta”, “my family with me” intelligent applications, in in addition to the necessary technical support provided to parents, a set of guidelines and training programs for staff such as specialized training workshops on virtual education for specific persons; a virtual dating guide for these categories and other mentoring initiatives that have contributed to the success of the distance education plan in people determination centers.

In addition, Wafa Hamad Bin Sulaiman, director of the Department of Welfare and Rehabilitation for Determined Persons, explained that in the coming phase, the quality and standards of distance education will be applied in non-governmental centers for specific persons, in order to guarantee the efficiency and quality of the education provided for these categories.

Wafa explained that according to the distance education development initiatives during the current school year, the results of the assessment centers of determination on the distance education quality scale are high and meet all required expectations. The evaluation scores obtained by the centers ranged from (87.1% to 95.6%) allowing them to achieve both excellence and leadership ranks in achieving the objectives of the educational process as a whole, thus responding at the same time to individual capacities and needs.


Norma A. Roth