Reinvent teaching! Sri Chaitanya launches the first HyFlex (flexible hybrid) classrooms in India

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the closure of schools, which has forced education to switch to online mode. Now, as schools return to physical learning, educators are trying to adapt to the hybrid teaching style.

To meet new educational demands, Sri Chaitanya Institute in Hyderabad of Telangana has now launched the first HyFlex (Hybrid Flexible) apprenticeship in India. The model aims to provide a quality educational experience where students can participate in a way that allows them to be comfortable and not to be left behind in the pursuit of education, ANI reported.

In the first phase, 120 classrooms will be served across the country.

Flexible teaching

The main feature of the HyFlex model is to combine face-to-face classroom teaching and online (hybrid) technology in a single course and allow students to choose how and when to participate (flexible). HyFlex education will be delivered in several ways in the institution which gives equal access to education even to students who find it difficult to take courses offline.

It was designed to allow students to transition from in-person instruction to online instruction while achieving the same learning outcomes in both cases.

Now, with online learning increasingly needed due to the ongoing pandemic, the HyFlex model is fast becoming an educational necessity across India.

“HyFlex is a combination of face-to-face and online learning. Each course and learning activity is delivered personally, synchronously online and asynchronously online. This model provides students with a flexible environment and engagement. transparent, no matter where, how or when the students We at Sri Chaitanya develop the course, the tools and organize the program to reflect this structure, ”said Sushma Boppana, academic director of Sri Chaitanya educational institution.

The growth process is best experienced face to face so that the physical mode remains an integral part of the institute, and just as I look forward to the students filling the campuses again, I also hope that they will win in flexibility in how they learn. That’s why I think HyFlex is here to stay, ”said Sushma Boppana, academic director of Sri Chaitanya educational institution.

The Sri Chaitanya group of educational institutions was established in 1986 and is spread across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh with seven learners lakh in schools, colleges and coaching institutes and a 100 percentile rank holders of JEE and NEET and Top All India ranks every year.

In 36 years, Sri Chaitanya has grown into Asia’s largest educational group and is known to introduce new academic programs that have helped students enter some of the top engineering and medical colleges.

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