Review: Legrand RoboSHOT 12E displays clear images for distance learning in higher education

RoboSHOT 12E adapts to changing light conditions

The RoboSHOT 12E camera can simultaneously output HDMI, IP (H.264) and uncompressed USB 3.0 streaming for solid video performance. Everything can be automatically controlled or adjusted using an easy to use web user interface.

Classroom lighting is often provided by overhead fluorescent lights, and rooms are rarely optimized for video. The RoboSHOT 12E camera compensates for this with an improved wide dynamic range that automatically corrects uneven lighting.

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I tested this feature in a large room with vaulted ceilings and large windows. At all times of the day, the camera perfectly compensated for the varying lighting conditions, and I was able to see all the images clearly thanks to a laptop placed in a separate room.

Camera control can be automatic or manual via web browser

Unlike fixed cameras whose focus can drift over time, the RoboSHOT 12E is equipped with tri-synchronous motion technology. This allows it to smoothly pan, tilt and rotate along all three axes of motion while onboard software tracks presenters in real time.

As instructors walk around the room, those watching the stream from a distance can easily follow the action. The camera keeps everything in focus, while the software makes sure any bad lighting is compensated for, even if a presenter only briefly wanders into a bad spot.

If automatic control isn’t precise enough, the web-based user interface enables professional camera control. The 12E can be controlled from anywhere with an IP connection, and students can view a stream by entering the presentation URL into any standard media player.

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Besides being extremely portable, the RoboSHOT also comes with all the necessary hardware to mount the device in a more permanent location. Because it can rotate in three axes, it can be fixed to a desk, a wall or even a ceiling. It also has Power over Ethernet, so no power cables are needed. Just plug in a network cable and it’s ready to go.

Professional cameras rarely come in such small, easy-to-use packages. The RoboSHOT 12E takes the kind of technology normally only found in the most high-end conference rooms and makes it available to support remote learning in any classroom.


Zoom: 12x optical zoom
Sensor: 1/2.5 type Exmor R CMOS sensor
Field of view: 70.2 degrees horizontally
Link: USB 3.0, HDMI and IP H.264 streaming
Management: Remote IP Management

Norma A. Roth