Mortgage industry technology leader develops blockchain process to make digital mortgage and real estate transactions more secure

Everyone in the mortgage industry – where the real money in real estate is – realizes that all real estate transactions will eventually move to blockchain.

— Dr. Malcolm Chisholm

PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY, USA, Nov. 2, 2022 / — Secure Insight, the Parsippany, NJ-based SaaS technology provider that offers mortgage fraud, wire fraud and credit analytics services. risks to banks, mortgage lenders and credit unions nationwide, has partnered with Orbis Technologies, Inc., a global leader in content development and management solutions headquartered in Annapolis MD, on a blockchain secure processing technology platform. Orbis is an industry leader that helps companies create exceptional content, such as technical documentation, e-learning, online help, visualizations and training materials, needed to compete at the highest level.

Using Secure Insight’s industry-leading database of fully validated, assessed and risk-checked profiles of solicitors, title agents, escrow agents and notaries engaged in mortgage loan settlement , the collaboration is developing a platform in which Secure Insight profiles will subscribe to the security keys for professionals to gain access to the blocks or registers assigned to them in the digital mortgage process.

Although still in its infancy, the migration of lenders to adopting blockchain technology to secure a fully digitized mortgage process is being actively developed by major banks around the world. In the United States, due to the risks associated with individuals and entities gaining access to funds, key documents, and non-public personal and financial consumer data, as well as the risk of unauthorized access to such data, the ability of Secure Insight to instantly identify and validate these key players is an important function within a blockchain-built digital lending platform.

Dr Malcolm Chisholm, an Oxford-trained metadata and digital lending expert, said: “Everyone in the mortgage industry – where the real money in property is – realizes that all real estate transactions will go through ultimately to the blockchain.” He recently authored a high profile article on Secure Insight and the future of blockchain in real estate for FastBlocks titled “Fighting Real Estate Fraud on the Blockchain”.

Secure Insight founder Andrew Liput, interviewed for this article, believes that blockchain is “the inevitable future of all mortgage transactions” and that the transition to this platform is “years away, not years away.” decades”.

Erica Hall, Orbis Technologies Program Manager, said, “Orbis is thrilled to be working with Secure Insight on this ground-breaking project. We are already working with several clients on the development of blockchain solutions and share Secure Insight’s vision that the future of lending will be on blockchain-secured digital platforms.

Both companies have already completed development of a technology roadmap for the solution and are engaged in planning next steps, including working on strategic partnerships with potential end users of the Secure Insight offering.
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