South Africa Wins 12 Midas Gold Bars at Midas Awards!

The Midas Awards for World’s Best Financial Advertising announced their 2017 winners and South Africa took the gold with 12 Midas gold bars in the bag.

A Tale of Note TVC by Nedbank – Joe Public.

Cullinan Johannesburg’s “Give Art Life” for Absa / Barclays won a total of 6 gold bars for its campaign launched to inspire young artists in Africa and raise awareness of L’Atelier’s annual art competition.

Joe Public PTY LTD Johannesburg won 1 gold medal for “Tale of a Note – Brand TVC” and 2 gold bars for “Birds Eye View TVC” for Nedbank.


Screenshots of the ad.

Meanwhile, King James Cape Town group’s campaign “Uk’shona Kwelanga An Original WhatsApp Drama” was awarded 3 gold bars for their drama about a family in real time leading to the funeral of the deceased father and illustrating the need a funeral blanket.


Uk'shona Kwelanga

NEDBANK ‘A Tale of Note’ from Starfilms on Vimeo.

Nedbank – Bird’s eye view of Jamie D Ramsay, SASC on Vimeo.

Midas Grand Prize for “Fearless Girl”

In total, the 2017 Midas Awards Executive Jury honored the entries with 1 Midas Grand Prize, 52 Midas Gold Bars, 88 Midas Silver Bars and 102 Finalist Certificates for Creations submitted by 21 countries.

McCann New York won the Grand Midas Award for “Fearless Girl” for State Street Global Advisors. The winning entry promoted State Street Global Advisors’ She Fund: an investment fund for companies with more women at the top. The statue of a young girl standing in front of the Wall Street Charging Bull has become a symbol of women’s empowerment, an icon for International Women’s Day, a city work of art and a phenomenon of social media. “Fearless Girl” won the Midas Awards by winning 9 Midas Gold Bars.

“We are honored that ‘Fearless Girl’ and our partners State Street Global Advisors have been honored with the Midas Awards. This recognition reflects how extraordinarily disruptive a simple creative idea can be and the impact it can have in the world, across industries, platforms and technologies. – Devika Bulchandani, President of McCann New York

Gold bullion winners around the world have used celebrity-driven engagement, personalized consumer experiences, high profile event marketing, cause marketing, technology and experiential marketing to gain market share, strengthen recognition and increase consumer engagement.

Brazilian agencies were part of the winner’s circle, winning 6 Midas gold bars. R / GA Sao Paulo’s “Next Bank” for client Bradesco Bank received 5 gold bars. The campaign promoted the brand’s mobile-only banking that empowers digitally savvy millennials while integrating seamlessly into their lifestyle. McCann Brazil won a gold bar for “Priceless Rio” for the delivery of invaluable experiences by the Mastercard customer in Rio.

American agencies at the top of the list

The US agencies were at the forefront and won a total of 19 Midas gold bars. MullenLowe Boston received 3 gold bars for client E * Trade for their humorous campaign bringing financial dissatisfaction to the fore, “Don’t Get Mad” won 2 gold bars and “Plane Truth” was honored of a single gold bar. CP + B LA received 2 “Local Selects” gold bars for the Paypal customer, demonstrating the ease and accessibility of online shopping through PayPal’s experiential live selling platform. CP + N also won the Schwab Intelligent Advisory gold bar for client Charles Schwab. Gray Group Global “Ally Lucky Penny” for Ally Financial won gold for its campaign designed to change the way people think about pennies. 100 cents were distributed in 10 US cities marked with an Ally logo on one side, and the possibility of winning $ 1,000.

Gold bars were also awarded to R / GA “Blockchain – The New Technology of Trust” for client Goldman Sachs for their experience on the website showcasing the company’s research on revolutionary Blockchain technology. VIA’s “The Power of Adjustments” campaign for T. Rowe Price won the gold bar for demonstrating T. Rowe Price’s incumbent target date investment team, via an acrobat routine , illustrating how even the smallest adjustments lead to powerful results. WHITE64 won the gold bar for “Claudia Avila” for the PenFed Foundation, the Foundation honors a caregiver who exemplifies the dedication of a “hero at home” in caring for a wounded warrior.

TBWASingapore won 2 gold bullion bars for “Unlimited Joy Machine” for Standard Chartered Bank for its launch campaign, offering unlimited cash back on travel, dining and shopping expenses. Zulu Alpha Kilo Canada received the Midas Gold Bar for “Mysterious Man” for the Interac Association, illustrating the era of payments using mobile wallets and Interac® Instant e-Transfer. McCann Canada’s “Priceless Surprises – Ball Hockey” won the Gold Bar for Mastercard. The campaign leveraged the Maple Leafs’ shared Mastercard sponsorship and provided one fan with a personalized experience, the ultimate ball hockey pitch, and a meeting with his hero, former player, Darryl Sittler.

Fans took part in the Australian Open

Fp7 / MENA won 2 gold bars for “There is no home like home” for Byblos Bank, their campaign which tackles the decline in mortgage loans in Lebanon by targeting expats Lebanese abroad.

Saatchi & Saatchi Australia won 2 gold bars for ‘Rescue Rashie’ for putting CPR instructions on swim vests, making CPR easy to follow and access, for Westpac Banking Corporation Australia Ltd. McCann Australia won a Gold Bar for ‘Tap Tennis’ for client Mastercard for creating their own digital and on-site tennis tournament that allowed fans to compete against each other at the 2017 Australian Open sponsored by MasterCard.

The New Zealand special group won 2 gold bars for “changes” for its relaunch for client TSB with the promise to “come your way”.

The United Kingdom was honored with 4 gold bars. R / GA London won 3 gold bars for “Liv. – Digital Lifestyle Bank”, a digital bank for millennials from the United Arab Emirates, for Emirates National Bank of Dubai. McCann London won the gold bar for his “Brit Awards 2017” Mastercard campaign The campaign inspired fans to “Live the Priceless Side of Music” by chronicling a fan’s family experience with English singer, Robbie Williams.

To view the winners of the 2017 Midas Awards, please click here. The results of the juries are analyzed in an annual classification file, The Midas Report, a real who’s-who in the world of financial services advertising which includes the 3 individual reports: Agency, Brand and Network.

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