St. Mary’s University Invests in Online Learning and Provides Training for Faculty to Specialize in Online Education

“It really opened up the possibility for us to do things differently,” said Andrea Carroll-Glover, vice president of strategy and online programs.

The college has started offering courses to develop skills and certify professors in online teaching expertise, and so far around 110 faculty members have completed all three courses.

“Even in the most basic classes, every time I logged in I learned something new and different,” said Amy Jauman, program director at the School of Business and Technology.

University officials say flexibility is everything, and they hear it from graduate and undergraduate students.

“Once they were exposed to this online experience, they recognized that this type of learning opportunity can give them the flexibility they need as an undergraduate student,” Carroll said. Glover.

Jordan Modjeski will be senior this year at the Winona undergraduate campus.

“I didn’t realize how much I would love to work online,” she said.

Modjeski took a few online courses before COVID and is grateful that more are offered now.

“A lot of people like to meet online. There is a certain element now that I have more time, I don’t need to go somewhere, I don’t need to plan something,” he said. she declared. “Mostly [for] students who live off campus, things like that make it a bit easier to connect people, and that’s something I think is done very well. “

It is a transition brought about by an unprecedented pandemic.

“We teach such a diverse group of students in all of our programs and I think our excellence in this particular area will only increase that opportunity,” Jauman said.

The university is considering offering this program to educators in Kindergarten to Grade 12, as many school districts are also looking to open long-term online programs due to COVID-19.

Norma A. Roth