Techademy – the corporate learning expert launches his e-learning platform for technicians of today and tomorrow


Business Wire India Techademy, the preferred corporate learning platform for many Fortune 100 companies, has announced the launch of its new and unique e-learning platform for individuals. Named TechademyOnline, the platform currently offers industry-mapped technology courses for students, beginners and seasoned professionals to advance their tech careers. What sets TechademyOnline apart from other online learning platforms are its built-in technical labs and assessments that allow learners to practice and experience the skills learned in the course from the browser. Learning by doing is the choice of recruiters around the world today.

TechademyOnline helps students gain hands-on skills experience, freshmen improve their employability, and professionals grow in their careers. While many platforms offer similar courses, the biggest challenge of learning in a fully online environment remains accessing the infrastructure for hands-on practice. TechademyOnline focuses on solving the problem by providing access to a virtual sandbox environment for learners to learn and experiment simultaneously in the course.

The courses on TechademyOnline are designed by industry experts covering some of the most sought after topics such as Analytics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Full-stack Web Development, Cloud computing, Big Data, DevOps, etc. Learners can enroll in individual courses or learning paths that match certain professional roles in the industry. With this launch, TechademyOnline also offers access to ‘Techfinity’ – a comprehensive course catalog with over 850 trending technology courses that cover all the technology skills in demand of the demanding market.

Outlining the goals of TechademyOnline, Founder Keshava Raju said, “We bring approximately 30 years of expertise to enable organizations to develop and retrain their technology employees through its cutting edge platform and rich content and immersive. giants of the world, we understand employability issues in detail. The biggest gaps in learning are practical application and employability. By focusing on filling in these white spaces, our model is built on learning to understand. On TechademyOnline you gain a skill for life. Our goal for learners is to make them feel able and confident to apply the skills learned in real world scenarios. -Ready and ready for interviews. ” Learners can also now register for FREE top computer courses in multiple technology genres at for a limited time.

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Norma A. Roth